Dennis Prager - How to pushback against the progressives


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Interview with Dennis Prager: Pushing Back on a Progressive Agenda

Dennis Prager is a Republican conservative talk show and radio host in the United States. He hosts The Dennis Prager Show, a nationally syndicated talk show, with listeners around the globe. He co-founded Prager University (PragerU), the most popular conservative video website in the world. Its library contains over 500 videos with accompanying materials for further study. He is a bestselling author of nine books on a variety of topics affecting Jews and conservatives. Prager is an observant Jew with a keen interest in theology and authored a five-volume commentary on the Bible.

In the episode, we discuss the role of religion in society, why liberalism is struggling, immigration, combatting the progressive agenda, problems with American education, Conservatism in Israel, and the American response to totalitarianism.

Abandoning Religion

Prager warns against societies turning their backs on religion, “I warn Jews and Christians and secular people that the results can only be terrible. When Christianity died in Europe (and I say this as a committed Jew), we got Fascism, Nazism, and Communism.” He claims that people want religion, and if they don’t embrace a Judao-Christian faith, they will turn to a secular church of feminism, marxism, environmentalism, etc.

Liberalism Can’t Replace Religion

Liberalism, he explains, is not surviving. All we have left is conservatism and leftism. Leftism undermined liberalism. The reason it made it this long is that it was rooted Judao-Christian values, but with the abandonment of religion, liberalism has nothing to subsist on. Prager says, "When you take plants from the soil that nurtured them, they don't die immediately, but they will die. We are living on the soil that religion created, in a world that believed that rights came from the creator but not from man. If rights come from man, and not from God, man can remove them. And that is what is happening. "

Teaching Conservatism in an Unfocused World

Prager is well aware that people nowadays have short attention spans. PragerU, therefore, aims to educate in easy-to-digest five-minute video clips. The videos have over 5 billion views, mostly from viewers under 35 in over 100 countries.

When it comes to teaching our family, and especially our children, Prager quotes age-old Jewish prayer, "When you lie down, when you rise up, when you walk by the way." Teach your children the way. He claims that the problem in America and the West is that the WWII generation, which was religious, didn’t pass down their values. If you do not teach your values, they will not survive. “Even if we are all brilliant and wise, if we don't teach it in every generation, goodbye.”

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