Improving Mailer Yield is Fiction (LA 1629)


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Improving Mailer Yield is Fiction (LA 1629) Transcript: Steven Jack Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill K DeWit: Hi. Steven Jack Butala: Welcome to the Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I'm Steven Jack Butala. Jill K DeWit: And I'm Jill DeWit, broadcasting from the Valley of the Sun. Steven Jack Butala: Today, Jill and I talk about improving your mailer yield and how it's fiction. Jill K DeWit: Sounds very technical. Steven Jack Butala: It's not. Jill K DeWit: Okay. It sounds technical. Steven Jack Butala: Actually, this is more of a chill topic than anything else. And at the end of this, there's just a massive compliment for you. And I'm not trying to get anything from you, but it's true. Jill K DeWit: Are you sure? Steven Jack Butala: We'll see what happens. There might be- Jill K DeWit: If you were trying to get some ... Let's just talk for just a moment here. Let's pause. Time out. If you were trying to get something from me, what would it be? Steven Jack Butala: Smiles. Jill K DeWit: Oh. That's not what- Steven Jack Butala: I work for smiles. Jill K DeWit: What the heck? That's hilarious. Steven Jack Butala: Do you ever see people like walking around Manhattan with the sign that says- Jill K DeWit: You're kidding me. Steven Jack Butala: ... "Hug me," or, "I work for smile"? Jill K DeWit: I've never seen that. Steven Jack Butala: That's the fastest way to get murdered. Jill K DeWit: Are you serious? People do that? Steven Jack Butala: Oh, yeah. Jill K DeWit: Not anymore, probably. Steven Jack Butala: Yeah, probably not. They're probably in a hazmat suit. Jill K DeWit: Wow. Not for hugs. Oh my goodness. I'm trying to think, what would I be working for? You know what? Hey, truth time. Okay. I smile all the time. This is a fact. Steven Jack Butala: Yes, you do. Jill K DeWit: That's easy. So, you're not being totally upfront here, but- Steven Jack Butala: Didn't take long to get off topic, but here we go. This is the conversation Jill and I had in the car on the way back in the RV, looking at some real estate recently. What's your love language? what are the five love languages? Do you have this memorized? Jill K DeWit: Touch, acts of service. Steven Jack Butala: Acts of service. Jill K DeWit: You think I'm kidding? Words of affirmation. You guys know what I'm talking about. Affirmation. And then God, I can't remember the other ones. Steven Jack Butala: There's five. Jill K DeWit: Right. Steven Jack Butala: Touching, compliments. Jill K DeWit: But that's affirmation. Steven Jack Butala: Doing stuff. Jill K DeWit: Acts of service. That's acts of service. Steven Jack Butala: Which is doing stuff. Jill K DeWit: Yeah. I can't remember- Steven Jack Butala: There's other ones, two other ones. It doesn't matter. Jill K DeWit: Yeah, I don't remember. Steven Jack Butala: We both very quickly realized it's all acts of service for us. Jill K DeWit: Yeah, but they're different acts of service. I can't believe we're doing this. This is really truths time. My acts of service is like thank you for clearing the table. I didn't have to say anything, and I just turned to around and you took care of the table and the dishes. I'm like, that's awesome. Or even just lining up dinner and I don't have to think about it. Thanks. Your version of acts of service, or doing something as you call it, is showing up to this podcast on time. Steven Jack Butala: Or starting a company without me knowing, and then it turn around and makes all kinds of money. That's a great act. You're the girl for me. Jill K DeWit: Thanks. Steven Jack Butala: Or buying a piece of real estate that generates a ridiculous return and a whole thing, I didn't even know about it. Jill K DeWit: Right. It's funny. Steven Jack Butala: So, yeah. But it's not touch or anything like that. I mean, all those things happen, but for both of us. Jill K DeWit: Affection, like I like it,

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