Jack Thursday – Fishing for Land (LA 1636)


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Jack Thursday - Fishing for Land (LA 1636) Transcript: Steven Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill DeWit: Hello. Steven Butala: Welcome to the Land Academy Show entertaining land, investment talk. I'm Steven Jack Butala. Jill DeWit: And I'm Jill DeWitt broadcasting from the Valley of the Sun. Steven Butala: Today is Jack Thursday. I'm going to talk about fishing for land. Jill DeWit: I like this. Steven Butala: There's a lot of things about fishing. Jill DeWit: There's a lot of talk about fishing right now with you. Steven Butala: Well, I'm getting older and you know, this is what I told my bartender recently, I need a hobby. Jill DeWit: Like you have one bartender. Steven Butala: Yeah. One of the bartenders. I know, I know who's familiar with all my flaws. Jill DeWit: Got it. Steven Butala: And well, anyway. Jill DeWit: Oh, well finish the sentence. Steven Butala: Oh, I just need a hobby and I've always loved fishing. I grew up doing it. I grew up in Michigan, sometimes in Northern Michigan, and there's just nothing but fishing there. And we had a blast, lot of memories about that. And when you have children and jobs and things start things like Land Academy, there's just, you're pressed for time. And I'm getting to be the age where I need to start enjoying things a little bit more. There's enough money coming, buying and selling land all the time. We've got some good staff, Jill slowing down a little bit and you know I think bout fishing. Jill DeWit: That's good. Steven Butala: Before we get into it, let's take a question posted by one of our members on the landinvestors.com online community, it's free. And don't forget to subscribe on the land academy, YouTube channel and comment on the shows you like. Jill DeWit: Buckley wrote: "My first mailer was 1900 units. I received over 10 responses with solid interest in selling. However, not a single one has a solid state or county maintained road access." That's okay. Hold on a moment. "Is it common to have so few replies with road access in a mailer this size, not sure if it's simply due the county I mailed or what plugging away, making the most of what I can though. Any thoughts are helpful." Well, what if it's a dirt road and it's still public and it's not like it's paved, but there's access. Steven Butala: Sometimes you can read my mind. Jill DeWit: Yeah, it doesn't have to be paved and plowed. It's not going to be that great. And depending on the area, this is rural. Let me back up here. This is rural vacant land everyone. Most of the time it is a dirt road. I'm happy with that. Steven Butala: Sorry Jill, get in there. Go. I mean it. Jill DeWit: Seriously, do you want an exit? Do you want your own exit sign with an arrow and a turnout or would you prefer a signal? Steven Butala: How about cut in sewers and roads. No here's the thing.. Jill DeWit: Exactly. A big sign that says power right here. There's a blow thing sticking up out of the ground. Just kidding. Steven Butala: We're not in the business of alienating Land Academy members. Jill DeWit: No, no, I'm teasing you. Steven Butala: But and I want to point out too, there's a lot of questions and comments and successes. I can choose from hundreds and hundreds of entries in discord when we do the show. I'm here to tell you, I'm not always picking the peaches and cream. Oh my God I made a million dollars on this deal kind of comments. So this is a valid comment. It's a valid concern from somebody who sent out a mailer, got a positive response and got a bunch of people that wanted to sell at his price. 10. Jill DeWit: This is all good news. Steven Butala: So that's good, good, good and good. Jill DeWit: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:03:19]. Steven Butala: Actually it's great, right? Jill DeWit: Yeah. Steven Butala: What your question is that is this well, one of the five A's is access and it doesn't appear to me that this rural vacant land has access. So I'm going to tell you little story,

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