Jill Friday – What She Really Does in Her Office All Day (LA 1603)


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Jill Friday - What She Really Does in Her Office All Day (LA 1603) Transcript: Steven J Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill K DeWit: Hi. Steven J Butala: Welcome to the Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I'm Steven, Jack Butala. Jill K DeWit: And I'm Jill DeWit, broadcasting from the valley of the sun. Steven J Butala: Today is Jill Friday, and we're going to find out what she really does in her office all day. Jill K DeWit: All right, let me back this up. As you know yesterday, Thursday, was Jack's work-life-money balance talk. And earlier this week we talked about the September third quarter, wrapping up the year financial review. So he's obviously looking at life, looking at big picture, looking at everything. Jill K DeWit: And he was getting concerned because he's thinking I'm overworked. He's like, he gets frustrated by me being in my office. Especially one night this week I was in my office until six or seven o'clock at night, whatever it was. And he was really thinking, "What the um?" You're looking at all this big picture life stuff and thinking I'm over there, doing it all wrong. And I had to say, "Hold on a moment." Steven J Butala: You're not doing it all wrong. Jill K DeWit: Okay. Steven J Butala: I think she's spending too much time doing real estate deals. Jill K DeWit: Word. Right. And I said- Steven J Butala: Specifically that. Jill K DeWit: Right. He's thinking that that's it. This ties into so much this week. We talked about the 80/20, and one of the things I brought up was I thought he was coming after me about 80% of your work is on 20% of the stuff that makes money. And so the whole point of this is, and this whole week is for me, you actually think I'm working in there? Steven J Butala: I guess we're [crosstalk 00:01:39] together, listener, going to find out. What Jill does at work all day. Jill K DeWit: Let me explain what really goes on in my office all day, then no one will ever be concerned about me again. Go ahead. Steven J Butala: Before we get into it, let's take a question posted by one of our members on the landinvestors.com online community. It's free, and don't forget to subscribe on the Land Academy YouTube channel and comment on the shows you like. Jill K DeWit: Aaron wrote, "I've had a few local land barons call to tell me how stupid I am, but then they end up on my buyers list by the end of the call." Jill K DeWit: I've totally had this. I've even had people write me back about that and call me specifically to say, "Okay, you guys are nuts, but if you can really make this happen, I want to buy from you." I'm like, "And yes I can." Steven J Butala: Those are real land people. Jill K DeWit: Yeah, uh-huh (affirmative). Steven J Butala: Today's Jill Friday. We're going to find out what she really does in her office all day. This is the meat of the show. Jill K DeWit: Let me tell you what goes on in my office and let me first paint the picture. I love my office. You may have seen some of my videos. It's white, it's bright, it's pretty. And this is my home office by the way, this is my primary office, period. It's off on my own wing. I have my own door. It's all windows. Steven J Butala: Multiple doors with locks I've noticed. Jill K DeWit: Yes, I've tried multiple door with locks, that's very true. I can lock people out, I can let people in. I have a courtyard off my office. I have a fountain going off my office. And just this morning, as a matter of fact, I was sitting there mesmerized by all the quail. Steven J Butala: I saw that too. Jill K DeWit: There are fat quail running around here right now. Steven J Butala: All over the yard. Jill K DeWit: There was, I swear, 20 of them in my courtyard. Steven J Butala: I noticed that today too. Jill K DeWit: Yeah, I'm like, "This is-" Steven J Butala: And they're healthy. Jill K DeWit: They're [inaudible 00:03:35], they're fat and healthy. And I saw a couple of them getting into it,

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