Real Estate Business Niches Inside of Land Niches (LA 1604)


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Real Estate Business Niches Inside of Land Niches (LA 1604) Transcript: Steven Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill DeWit: Hello. Steven Butala: Welcome to the Land Academy Show, entertaining land, investment talk. I'm Steven Jack Butala. Jill DeWit: And I'm Jill DeWit, broadcasting from the sweet valley of the sun. Steven Butala: Today Jill and I talk about the real estate business niches that are inside land niches. Jill DeWit: Niches inside of niches. Steven Butala: Niches inside of niches. Jill DeWit: That's cool. Steven Butala: That is the most popular question in Discord right now among- Jill DeWit: Is it really? Steven Butala: Well, it's not phrased like this, but... Jill DeWit: They don't know they're asking it? Steven Butala: Yeah. Everybody wants a secret path for some reason. Jill DeWit: That's interesting. I- Steven Butala: And so... Go ahead. Jill DeWit: I didn't know we were talking about this. I just know that we talk about this and we naturally fall into this, which is a good... This is all good, positive stuff. Why are you laughing at you? Steven Butala: I'm not laughing. Jill DeWit: Okay. Steven Butala: I'm just smiling in the camera because this is a good topic. Jill DeWit: It is. Hey, you know what's kind of funny? Steven Butala: Why are you laughing at me? Jill DeWit: Totally. Steven Butala: Why are you having a good time? Jill DeWit: Well, you're laughing at me, not that you don't laugh at me, and that's okay. I laugh at me. That's totally fine. Speaking of laughing at each other, do you know what's so great? I woke up today thinking about... I think the next time we go out in the RV in a couple of weeks, we might start running into some colder weather and maybe snow, and I'm like, "That makes me happy." I love when we're outdoors, camping, and we're around a fire because we need a fire. Steven Butala: I love that too and Jill's referring to cold weather in California where she's from. Jill DeWit: Yeah, like 60. Steven Butala: I'm from Michigan and being out in an RV in snow? That's a sleepless night for me. Sorry. Jill DeWit: I kind of love it. I remember one time whatever day we had to come back- Steven Butala: Sleepless because of my responsibility as a man, not- Jill DeWit: I know. It was April. It was April this year we had to come home and I was like, "Man, we missed the snow. Darn it." It was like one day. If we'd stayed one more day in wherever we were, we would've got snow, and I was very sad, and you're like, "Thank God." Steven Butala: Once in a while it's fine, if it's a light California kind of thing, but 10 degrees below in an RV, no one's happy. Jill DeWit: No, I'm not doing that. No, no. We're talking a comfy 40 with snow on the ground. Steven Butala: Oh yeah, just over freezing. Jill DeWit: Yeah, yeah. Steven Butala: 40 for the night and 70 during the day. Jill DeWit: Yeah, something like that. Steven Butala: That's California winter. Jill DeWit: There we go. Yeah, in the mountains. That's true. Steven Butala: As if we even remember what the topic is. Before we get into it, let's take a question posted by one of our members on the online community. It's free, and don't forget to subscribe on the Land Academy, YouTube channel and comment on the shows you like. Jill DeWit: Jen wrote, "Have..." Oh, this is good. "Have any of you ever been asked to sign a termination of restrictions for an area you own land in? Evidently this is for a city subdivision. It's not an HOA or POA that had restrictions put in place about 50 years ago to prevent new construction. If they get enough site insurers, they can terminate those restrictions and build new housing. I don't see a downside since it's to help with growth, but maybe there's something I'm missing." Steven Butala: I don't see a downside either, as long as you read the fine print, and Jen's been with us for a while and she's very active in Discord and thank you for that.

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