Episode 11: Transformational Leadership Part 3 with Regina Huber


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This is the third of our three podcast episodes with the wonderful Regina Huber, so if you have not yet checked out the first two episodes, make sure to go back and listen to those as soon as possible! This miniseries also serves as a taster of the three webinars we are hosting with Regina on LP3, so do not forget to go and register for those too. Today we are continuing our discussion of Regina's pillar framework, looking at the fourth pillar and how it fits into the system. This part is all about money and action and their relationship with each other. We often say that, as ladypreneurs, our most valuable resources are time and energy and that profits go far beyond just financial gains. In actuality, we start businesses to begin to buy back our time, and so if you are interested in transcending the rat race, this is definitely the episode for you! We often feel that there has to be more out there, and this conversation serves as a reminder that there is, and that you can attain it! Regina talks about using passion to create profits, how to take inspired and effective action, and ultimately create and live a fulfilled life. This is not to be missed!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Unpacking Regina's fourth pillar, of inspired and effective action, and how it relates to the other three.
  • What constitutes inspired action; the connection to the heart and your vision.
  • Focus, priorities, and getting past the difficulties of time management.
  • Regina's belief in the extendability of time through presence and mindfulness.
  • The patience involved in allowing your business and profits to grow over time.
  • Flipping the relationship between time and money and buying back valuable moments.
  • Money mindsets and addressing psychology and motivation before profits.
  • Translating ideas and dreams into money for your business; gaining clarity on goals.
  • The interconnection between your business and personal expansion.
  • How a complete focus on money can impact your trajectory negatively.
  • Learning and collaborating in order to level up and grow constantly.
  • How to continue this journey with Regina in the three-part webinar and sign up now!

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