Ep. #258: You Aren’t Too Old or Stubborn to Make LOA Work


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Jeanne was over 60 when we started coaching with Cassie and spent her life getting computers to do what she wanted them. These and a few other things set the stage for Jeanne to define herself as the “most difficult client Cassie has ever had.”

Jeanne is also The Menopause Guru and teaches women from 40-60 to tame their most annoying symptoms so they can reap the benefits for where they are in their journey as a woman.

While her knowledge is the best there is, speaking from her heart instead of her head is something Jeanne has had to learn.

Join your host Cassie Parks and Jeanne Andrus over the next 18 weeks as we embark on Jeanne’s journey from most difficult client to manifesting $222,000+ in 9 months! Additionally, you’ll hear how Jeanne started stepping into her business instead of trying to push it forward.

00:40: Cassie talks about how this interview was recorded at Christmas of 2019 and talks about Jeanne's past interviews.

01:02: Cassie tells Jeanne Happy Birthday.

01:09: Cassie asks Jeanne what is awesome?

01:13: Jeanne talks about that it is awesome that she just sent her new post-holiday menopause cleanse to her email list, that more people are interested than she thought would be, and how she is excited to help so many women kick-off 2019 with a bang.

02:06: Cassie talks about how Jeanne owning that she was going to run this cleanse was a major shift for her.

02:19: Jeanne discusses how she felt like she needed to work with someone to put this cleanse together and how she realized she had all the answers and could do it herself through working with Cassie.

02:40: Jeanne talks about where you can contact her if you are interested in why you should do a menopause cleanse.

03:15: Cassie discusses how there were many pieces to putting together this cleanse and how Jeanne put it together in a month versus feeling overwhelmed like she would have in the past.

03:59: Jeanne talks about how working with Cassie and working with her clients has given her clarity when writing her emails and how working with Cassie on her emails has made them even better.

04:54: Cassie talks about how it has made a difference for Jeanne when she is in her client's heart instead of their head.

05:00: Cassie asks Jeanne how she is different now than she was at the start of 2018.

05:06: Jeanne talks about how she really started to change in October 2017, when Cassie almost fired her.

05:22: Jeanne talks about how that was the moment she had to choose to stop all of the voices and only listen to hers and Cassie's as she moved forward.

05:38: Jeanne talks about how the clarity Cassie helped her find is what helped her focus on her clients and stopped her from trying to figure things out.

06:20: Jeanne talks about how the clarity she has has allowed her to trust that she is on the right path and is doing what is right for her business.

07:00: Cassie asks Jeanne if she thinks that the clarity came from having only 2 voices to listen to.

07:12: Jeanne talks about how she felt like someone else had the answers, how everyone will push their solutions on you, and that they may have the answer, but her success has come from the work she has done with Cassie and trusting herself.

07:53: Jeanne talks about how when you are trying to do everything, nothing can happen.

08:00: Jeanne admits that the movement comes from focusing on one thing.

08:05: Cassie wants to emphasize that you can't do all of the things and be successful.

08:52: Cassie asks Jeanne what it means to stand in one place and how that can help people in business and life.

08:58: Jeanne admits that standing still allows her to be molded through the work she is doing with Cassie.

09:10: Jeanne talks about that when you stop and stay still, you allow the voices to come to you and then get to choose what is in alignment with what you want.

09:40: Jeanne talks about how consistently getting in touch with her Future Self, as her only LOA work, has guided her to the answers she was looking for.

10:13: Jeanne talks about how she used to jump around in her LOA work, how she used to think she had to do all of the methods to get results, and how having a long to-do list doesn't work.

10:42: Jeanne talks about how Cassie has made it easy to know when she is off track and how there isn't a zillion things to do to get magical results.

11:40: Jeanne admits that the results come from the consistency of doing the work.

12:14: Cassie asks Jeanne how her birthday feels different than birthdays in the past.

12:28: Jeanne talks about how she got up a 2 am and worked for 3 hours because it was inspired.

12:51: Jeanne talks about how she got up mostly on time and was working all day.

13:00: Jeanne talks about how in the past, she would have resented working on her birthday, but now she knows that if she really wanted the day off, she would have taken the day off.

12:27: Jeanne admits that what she wanted to do on her birthday is create the things that will reach the women she is trying to help.

13:42: Jeanne talks about how today feels like it has purpose, is centered, productive and perfect.

14:01: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is the most excited about in 2019.

14:07: Jeanne tells Cassie that she is excited because she can see how this year is where all of the work and growth she has experienced while working with Cassie will pay off, and she finally reaches the women she has always wanted to help.

14:31: Jeanne talks about how she knows she is offering something that people want, but the missing piece was communicating with the right people to let them know how she could help them.

14:50: Jeanne talks about that there were so many reasons that she hasn't found her audience, and now she knows that it is all about timing to reach the right people.

15:30: Jeanne talks about some of the fears she has had to work through.

15:50: Jeanne owns that this is the year that everything falls into place and that she will get to help all the people she is meant to help.

16:10: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has realized that she isn't meant to help everyone and how that is hard as a coach.

16:26: Jeanne talks about how it can feel like she isn't good enough when someone doesn't want to work with her and how she now knows that isn't true.

16:40: Cassie asks how freeing it is to know it is not a reflection of you if someone doesn't want to work with you.

16:43: Jeanne discusses how it feels super freeing and how, in the past, she be hurt to find out that someone decided to work with someone other than her.

17:14: Jeanne talks about how she would question why they wouldn't want to work with her, how she now has realized that they are choosing what is right for them and that it isn't a reflection of her.

17:48: Cassie asks Jeanne what the most surprising thing about 2018 was.

18:02: Jeanne talks about how, in the summer, Cassie told her that she has to stop trying to work because she wasn't working.

18:22: Jeanne admits that Cassie's coaching made her rethink how she was working, that it was okay to do other things and live her life to open space for her business.

18:51: Jeanne talks about what happened when she started to question how she was currently working versus what her life would look like once her business was what she wanted it to be.

19:16: Jeanne talks about how creating space allowed her to see that there is plenty of time to do everything she wants to do and saw that she was wasting time forcing and not accomplishing anything.

19:29: Cassie talks about how important space is because, as a coach, if you are energetically too busy, your clients don't feel like they will be taken care of.

20:09: Cassie asks Jeanne about 2018 being the year of relaxing and knowing it.

20:20: Jeanne talks about her dad being an entrepreneur and how her dad worked really hard and worked 9 to 10 hour days, after work, and weekends.

21:10: Jeanne talks about how she took that as you have to be working all the time to be successful.

21:21: Jeanne talks about how she realized that you have to have space, choose to be there for the people who need you and that the people who need you will show up.

21:50: Cassie asks Jeanne how knowing her people will show up will make 2019 amazing.

21:55: Jeanne talks about it starting because she is allowing people to come to her by putting this cleanse out there.

22:32: Jeanne talks about how she is letting people see what is possible when they put themselves first and take care of themselves by doing this cleanse.

23:00: Cassie talks about how Jeanne had to let go of a lot to get her to the point where she is ready to share this cleanse.

23:28: Jeanne admits that she was trying to do too much, and it wasn't right for anyone.

24:00: Jeanne talks about realizing that she had to find a way that both her and her clients could get what they need out of the cleanse and love it at the same time.

24:10: Cassie talks about how when Jeanne started working with Cassie on her business, she felt like there had to be so many things to get the results and how that has changed as Jeanne stepped into her Future Self and got clear about her clients.

24:48: Cassie asks Jeanne how it felt to let go of feeling like her clients had to do everything all at once.

25:00: Jeanne admits that she still has to be aware of when she is trying to give too much at once.

25:18: Jeanne admits that part of the reason she does that is because she felt like she had to be the A student who did all of the work in school to get where she wanted to be.

25:45: Jeanne talks about how Cassie almost firing her made her stop being the person who could figure it out overnight and made her stop chasing how she was going to be successful.

26:40: Jeanne talks about how she initially had an outline for a 400-page book when she was writing her first book.

27:07: Jeanne talks about how now she has written 400 pages, but it has been over 5 books, how each book has its purpose, and how she has been able to get the books out because she didn't try to do it all at once.

27:30: Jeanne talks about learning that she has to pace herself or she will overwhelm her clients.

27:46: Jeanne admits that she tends to forget that the clients who need her are already overwhelmed with menopause and that they need help, not more overwhelm.

27:59: Cassie talks about the importance of Jeanne remembering that she needs to break things down into pieces to serve her clients best.

28:23: Jeanne talks about how she realized she could simplify the cleanse even more as she is having this conversation.

28:30: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to see a way to make the cleanse even simpler.

28:32: Jeanne admits that it feels really good that she realizes that what she was planning is too much to fit into 5 days, and that part of what she was planning can be the next step for people who want to continue to work with her.

29:18: Cassie talks about how less is almost always more and that by giving people less, they will go deeper and get more out of the experience of working with Jeanne.

29:49: Cassie talks about how Jeanne called 2019 the year of sufficiency and asks Jeanne to elaborate on that.

30:08: Jeanne talks about how she has learned that making $1 million isn't sensible to do in 30 days, that she has learned that she has a business that is just starting to support her and that she has to allow that to build so that it can fully support her.

30:53: Jeanne talks about her first VIP client coming to work with her and how Cassie helped her realized she didn't need 4 or 5 clients to do retreats.

31:14: Jeanne talks about how she and her VIP client had a fantastic weekend and that if she had had 4 or 5 people, she wouldn't have been able to serve them because of things she hadn't even considered.

31:44: Jeanne admits that if she had had 4 or 5 people, she would have been in tears by the end of the weekend and instead had a fantastic learning experience.

32:07: Jeanne talks about how the next weekend, no matter how many people, will be awesome.

32:30: Jeanne admits she went off-topic.

32:34: Cassie talks about how Jeanne was talking about what she learned and that you can go for $1 million, but not overnight.

32:39: Cassie admits that she has her clients go for a $1 million 5 years out so that there is space for it to come.

32:54: Cassie clarifies that Jeanne now realizes that you have to build up to $1 million, and how if you went from 0 to $1 million, you would miss all the lessons along the path.

33:17: Jeanne talks about how she sees her business fully supporting her in 2019, how that is starting to happen now, and that as soon as 2020, she can see her business fully supporting her and her husband.

33:50: Jeanne talks about how amazing it is to be in this position because she and her husband are in their 60's and that she loves that this business will be there to support them no matter what.

34:13: Jeanne talks about how important it is to her that her business allows her husband to retire.

34:40: Jeanne talks about giving her husband the gift of not having to work.

35:00: Cassie talks about how making $100K feels real and possible now.

35:10: Jeanne talks about seeing how her business will bring in $100K in 2019.

35:25: Jeanne talks about doing the $1 million exercise with Cassie several times and that she now knows that this cleanse is the start of what is going to make her $1 million in her business.

36:06: Cassie talks about how when you follow the path to $100K it is inevitable that your business will grow to the $1 million mark if you continue down the path.

26:31: Jeanne talks about knowing exactly what the path her clients will go down with her looks like, how she sees how it is all possible, and how when she is making $100K, she will see what the next step is.

37:14: Cassie talks about how when you focus on making $1 million in 30 days, it keeps you in the energy of how do you get there, versus becoming the $1 million coach through doing the work that Jeanne has been doing.

37:55: Jeanne talks about how everything moving forward is building off of what she does in 2019.

38:08: Cassie asks Jeanne if she has any final thoughts she would like to share.

38:14: Jeanne just wants to thank Cassie for helping her and keeping her on as a client and the importance of not chasing everything to get where you want to go.

39:49: Jeanne is so grateful for everyone who will be on the journey with her.

40:04: Cassie asks Jeanne where people can connect with her.

40:12: Jeanne shares that you can find her:

Facebook: Menopause Guru

Website: www.menopause.guru

Email: jeanne@menopause.guru

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