Ep. #259: How to Use Inspired Action to Build Your Business


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If you’re in business, you’re usually taught to develop an idea, do some research on how to market it, and then write some copy to sell it.

Oh, and hope people sign up or buy.

For coaches, especially those that are Law of Attraction minded, it can feel challenging to integrate the Law of Attraction piece with the traditional business advice.

Jeanne tried to follow traditional business advice for years, and none of the advice she followed led her to the clients she desired.

Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne Andrus, the Menopause Guru, again joins her, and they dive deep into how Jeanne found and connected with the clients she has always wanted using the Law of Attraction.

Cassie and Jeanne discuss how Jeanne has allowed her Future Self to lead her to her clients, build the business she truly wants, and go into detail about what that process looked like.

They dive deep into how they started using a symptom by symptom basis to bring clients into Jeanne’s business and how that led to Jeanne creating something that is useful to just about anyone on their Menopause Journey.

If you are tired of following the same old business advice and not seeing the results you desire, then this episode is for you!!!!

00:41: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome.

00:45: Jeanne discusses her awesome weekend and that she manifested 10K.

01:36: Jeanne talks about her run and how excited she is to be back running.

01:57: Cassie talks about how she knows runners who thought Cassie was posting about running when she would post about Manifest $10K.

02:10: Jeanne talks about how fun it was to follow inspired action to run an unplanned 10K.

02:36: Cassie asks Jeanne if she wanted to tell the wallet story.

02:45: Jeanne tells a story about how 2 years ago her husband couldn't find his wallet and was worried about it, and how 2 years later, one of his clients found the wallet when moving his couch and that everything was still in the wallet when he got it back.

04:06: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is working on in her business right now.

04:25: Jeanne discusses that she is working on a 5 day cleanse to help women going through menopause start to take care of themselves the right way.

05:18: Jeanne talks about how excited she is that it is something that anyone can start at any time and that it will be available for women when they are ready for it.

05:40: Cassie talks about how this interview will be amazing for business owners who want to use the Law of Attraction and how to apply using inspired action to build their business.

06:10: Cassie talks about how it is sometimes hard to learn to take things one step at a time and how this is a great illustration of how things came together.

06:30: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how working with Cassie has helped her connect with her future clients through Deb.

06:45: Jeanne talks about how so many women are experiencing so many different things in relation to their menopause journey.

07:15: Jeanne talks about how she picked one problem that menopause is causing, how Cassie helped her create a detailed character with that problem, and then gave her the results that she wants.

07:36: Jeanne talks about how once she knew what the results looked like for Deb, she could work backward and figure out what she needed to be doing to attract similar people into her business.

07:57: Cassie talks about the process of working with Deb, how she then worked backward to find paying clients, and how there are so many aspects to menopause it made sense to work on a symptom by symptom basis.

09:20: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about Deb.

09:25: Jeanne discusses how Deb has never worried about going to the doctor until menopause started to change her body and how suddenly her numbers were cause for concern.

10:19: Jeanne discusses how Deb is scared because she has seen her family members start to live on pills, and she doesn't want that.

10:55: Jeanne discusses that Deb's biggest hurdle is finding a new way to keep herself healthy on her menopause journey.

11:22: Cassie talks about how Deb's journey to finding Jeanne starts with going to the doctor and being worried about her numbers.

11:38: Jeanne admits that that is what happened to her, how her numbers were going up, and her doctor wanted to put her on medication, and she wanted an alternative.

12:21: Cassie talks about how Jeanne was inspired to team up with someone and do a menopause cleanse.

12:48: Cassie discusses how she asked Jeanne why she needed someone else to do it.

12:55: Jeanne admits that working with Cassie made her realize she doesn't need anyone else to do the cleanse.

12:59: Cassie discusses how Jeanne had to own that she is the expert and could step into her Future Self by doing the cleanse on her own.

13:06: Cassie asks Jeanne about the process of creating the cleanse.

13:14: Jeanne discusses how the cleanse is a 5-day process to start changing your diet to better support your body as you go through menopause.

13:40: Jeanne admits that it is a different approach than what most people are used to because it is different from how most people were raised and is different from others' approaches to nutrition.

14:22: Jeanne discusses that her goal was to create something that women could try for 5 days and see what worked for them and what didn't.

14:35: Jeanne discusses that her overall goal was to help women remove some of the food that has the biggest impact on their health and help them feel better.

15:00: Cassie talks about how Jeanne spent December creating, launching, and leading close to 30 women through it.

15:15: Cassie asks Jeanne to discuss launching the cleanse.

15:23: Jeanne talks about how she did a lot of social media posts, emailed her list to let people know about it, created a Facebook group, and then freaked herself out.

15:42: Cassie wants to talk about how she used LOA and scripting to know who she was talking to as she went through this process.

15:57: Jeanne talks about how she used a person coming from her list and one from her social media posts to help her reach the right people.

16:20: Cassie talks about how doing that helps to speak to the people you are looking to speak to and that you can speak to one person and be heard by many.

16:38: Cassie asks Jeanne what happened after she launched her cleanse.

16:40: Jeanne discusses how she kept adding ideas that weren't fully formed, how she was trying to force and ended up doing too much.

17:21: Jeanne talks about how she wanted to talk to people after the cleanse and ask them what they wanted next from her.

17:34: Jeanne talks about a series of emails that she created to send out after the cleanse, how her fears got in the way, and she ended up setting the email up wrong, so they didn't even go out.

18:14: Jeanne talks about how she was busy the weekend the emails were supposed to go out and didn't check if everything was working.

18:35: Cassie talks about how Jeanne didn't get the result that she wanted, but that she didn't spiral into an old story of her business would never be successful and instead realized it was a technical glitch.

19:00: Cassie asks Jeanne the difference between knowing that it was a technical issue and not that she was incapable of running a successful business.

19:08: Jeanne talks about how you can fix fear by connecting to your Future Self who has been successfully doing this for years, and how you stop the fear by telling your brain you know how to do this.

20:39: Cassie talks about how she loves that Jeanne has let go of her old story and how fear is easy to let go when you connect with your Future Self.

21:20: Cassie talks about how she loved that Jeanne stepped up and knew how to fix it, but that how she wanted to fix it was action-oriented. Cassie then had her switch her focus to her Future Self and not jumping ship because of a hiccup.

22:40: Jeanne talks about how Cassie coached her through her anxiety.

22:47: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is creating an evergreen business and is getting inspiration from her own life.

23:06: Cassie shares Jeanne's website (www.menopause.guru) for if you notice spikes in anxiety.

23:21: Cassie discusses how she coached Jeanne to just keep moving forward and kept her focus on her Future Self as she taught anxiety month.

23:42: Cassie talks about how, when using the Law of Attraction, when you talk about something, it can bring it up in your own life.

23:53: Cassie talks about how Jeanne had to own that anxiety month was tough, how she decided not to do depression month after that, and how she helped Jeanne tweak her plan to make it feel good in the moment.

24:24: Cassie talks about how people feel like you need to layout the whole roadmap when you start, and you have to follow it perfectly, but when you follow the breadcrumbs of inspiration, it can lead you to something better.

24:41: Cassie talks about how at that point, they went back to Deb and were going to read emails that they wrote with her in mind, and then realized that she came from a Facebook post and not an email.

25:02: Cassie talks about how Jeanne freaked out when there were no emails and asks Jeanne to talk about what happened next.

25:18: Jeanne admits that she had forgotten Deb's story but was reminded of her journey when her health was affected by menopause.

25:48: Jeanne talks about how she realized that she wanted to talk about her story again, that looking back on her own menopause journey, she started with a cleanse that helped her find the path back to her health, and, looking back, that is what sparked the inspiration for the cleanse.

26:37: Cassie talks about how all of the pieces fell into place and that a year ago, Jeanne wasn't ready to do a cleanse.

26:53: Jeanne admits that she wasn't ready to do the cleanse at that point, that she was only prepared to handle one symptom at a time, and not prepared to put something out in the world that could help just about anyone.

27:17: Jeanne discusses feeling like she needed more control to speak to such a big audience, and now she knows that this cleanse is the right start for most people who want to take charge of their health as they progress on their menopause journey and not go on medication or hormone therapy.

28:03: Jeanne talks about how she knows her clients don't want to go on medication, and they want to take control of their own journey and health.

28:17: Jeanne talks about how this cleanse is a great starting place to see what taking control is going to look like, and how she lets people know that these 5 days are the strictest and hardest and how it leads to the right path for each individual.

28:40: Jeanne talks about how each journey is unique, and the process of working with her becomes more personalized the more you work with her.

28:54: Cassie talks about how she took notes to help Jeanne write future emails about the cleanse.

29:01: Cassie wants to highlight the breadcrumbs that Jeanne followed and how setting up, launching, and coaching through the cleanse led Jeanne to realize she could do this as a group program.

29:24: Cassie talks about how Jeanne's ideas shifted as she stayed the course and focused on her Future Self has led her to realize that she doesn't work with groups but instead individuals.

29:43: Cassie talks about how as business owners, you sometimes need to coach individuals to see how you can coach as a group.

30:09: Cassie talks about how it started as not wanting to do anxiety and depression back to back, and what it created was the space to take Jeanne's business to the next level.

30:31: Cassie talks about how Jeanne started the cleanse almost the same date she wanted to start it before and then decided it wasn't the right time.

30:46: Jeanne talks about that it is funny how the timeframe went.

30:52: Cassie asks Jeanne if she would have forced moving ahead with the cleanse and fixing everything if it would be as good as it is now.

31:04: Jeanne admits that it wouldn't be because she would have been focused on mechanics and not what she knows Deb and her clients need.

31:25: Jeanne talks about how she keeps simplifying things, increasing communication, and letting go of rules to make sure her clients have what they need and not focused on perfection.

32:02: Cassie tells Jeanne that's a massive shift.

32:04: Jeanne admits that she is realizing that as she works with more people that a lot of what her clients need is a mental shift that will allow them to make the shifts that will change their health.

32:38: Jeanne talks about how some of it is the food you eat, but a lot of it is loving and taking care of yourself.

32:58: Jeanne discusses that the menopause journey can take as long as 20 to 30 years, and that is a long time that you need to be committed to taking care of yourself.

33:18: Cassie talks about how she heard so much growth from Jeanne because, in the past, she always wanted to give people a bunch of harsh rules to follow, and now she is in the space of offering a starting place for people and then offering to help them create their plan that will support them for the next 20 to 30 years.

34:12: Jeanne talks about how her clients are at all stages of their journey and how it is different to support each of them.

34:50: Cassie talks about a link to the cleanse and wants Jeanne to talk about the cleanse and how detailed it is.

35:08: Jeanne talks about how this is the part of the journey that you can follow all of the rules if you want to, and if you wish to do part of it, you can do that too.

35:28: Jeanne talks about how she has thrown in some fun things to do to better take care of yourself.

35:40: Jeanne talks about if you are used to exercising a lot, it may be challenging because she really wants you to take a step back and take care of yourself for 5 days.

36:00: Jeanne talks about how the cleanse is a starting point, that you can adjust it for you, or you can reach out to her, and she will help you customize it to fit your needs.

36:18: Cassie talks about if you relate to Deb, the cleanse would be great for you.

36:46: Cassie asks Jeanne what advice she would give someone who is on the journey to their Future Self in 5 years and how they can use that to connect with their clients today.

37:02: Jeanne discusses that as you connect with your client today, you know that your Future Self has already connected with their clients.

37:15: Jeanne talks about that if your Future Self is telling you you are doing something wrong, you need to listen to her, and how if you hear that you can't do it, it is not your Future Self your hearing, you are hearing something else.

37:46: Jeanne talks about how your Future Self has been through all of this, and all you have to do is follow the path she paved.

38:02: Cassie thanks Jeanne for sharing her journey and talks about if anyone is interested in connecting with Jeanne, you can find her at www.menopause.guru.

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