Ep. #265: Using the Law of Attraction to Get on TV


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Have you ever wanted to get on TV to share your amazing business? So did Jeanne.

Join your host Cassie Parks as she is again joined by Jeanne Andres, the Menopause Guru. They discuss how Jeanne landed 4 TV segments by setting the intention, doing nothing, stepping into her Future Self, tracking the evidence, allowing inspiration to show up, and following her inspiration!

00:48: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up.

00:55: Jeanne talks about recording this in Menopause Awareness Month and how her Future Self shows up to help her write her Facebook content.

01:45: Cassie asks Jeanne what is the most awesome thing about her Future Self showing up.

01:50: Jeanne talks about that it is awesome knowing that what she is writing is going out to help the people who need her and how confident she is in what she is doing.

02:32: Cassie talks about the past 2 interviews and the growth Jeanne has been experiencing and asks Jeanne how she feels differently about knowing there are people who need to hear her message.

03:11: Jeanne discusses how she has realized that by putting the message out there, it will reach the people she wants to do business with.

03:56: Cassie talks about how that is Jeanne's Future Self and how education is what being the Menopause Guru is all about.

04:16: Cassie asks Jeanne what is different because she used to have a lot of resistance to sharing her message.

04:26: Jeanne talks about knowing what she wants to write and allowing her Future Self to help her say what she needs to.

05:22: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie have worked together to write and how connecting with her Future Self allows Jeanne to write and then decide if what she has written is exactly what her clients need to hear.

06:08: Jeanne talks about how 70 to 80% of her writing is coming from her Future Self and how that has shifted from trying to force her writing.

06:31: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is using her Future Self to step into owning being the expert.

06:59: Jeanne talks about being an expert and continually learning to help her clients.

07:58: Cassie talks about how by connecting to Jeanne's Future Self she is tapping into the person who has been doing that for years.

08:09: Jeanne talks about how fun it is to be stepping into the person she is becoming.

08:24: Jeanne talks about how about a year ago she was having issues writing and how she worked with Cassie to get clearer about who she is writing for and what they need to hear.

09:34: Cassie talks about how Jeanne can create so much content because she has learned how to speak to her Future Clients.

10:41: Jeanne talks about learning to take out any information that her clients aren't ready to hear.

11:15: Cassie asks Jeanne about the 4 tv segments she recorded.

11:40: Jeanne talks about a local tv station and a lifestyle program that is on in the morning.

12:07: Cassie stops Jeanne and wants to take her back to the beginning.

12:15: Jeanne wants to go back even further and talks about being invited by a friend to be on the show and how she reached out to the producer at that time.

13:12: Jeanne talks about again reaching out to the producer to ask her if she knew September is Menopause Awareness Month and gave her a list of topics they could use on the show.

13:53: Jeanne talks about the show reaching out to her and wanting to do 6 segments 4 of which they wanted Jeanne for.

14:14: Cassie and Jeanne agree that is awesome.

14:22: Cassie wants to break down what happened from an LOA perspective.

14:37: Cassie talks about how enjoying doing pottery with her friend was essential to stepping into Jeanne's Future Self.

14:54: Jeanne talks about loving doing pottery.

14:58: Cassie talks about Jeanne starting to do pottery 2 years ago, that her Future Self was leading her to where she wanted to go, and how her Future Self has helped her have all of the pieces in place to have the opportunities she wants.

16:42: Cassie talks about how Jeanne had to learn to speak to clients before she could be on tv, and how once she was ready, the inspiration came to reach out to the tv station.

17:20: Jeanne talks about how she reached out and didn't hear back, questioned if she should follow up, let it go, and then heard back that they wanted her for 4 segments.

17:45: Cassie talks about Jeanne staying in her own lane, doing what she needed to do, and being ready to support all of the people who will see her tv segments.

18:17: Cassie talks about there being a moment when Jeanne could have derailed from her Future Self.

19:00: Jeanne talks about how she wanted to do contests for Menopause Awareness Month to gain new followers.

19:26: Cassie talks about how contests aren't the Menopause Guru and how Cassie was prepared to show Jeanne that contests were not part of her Future Self, but then Jeanne let it go and agreed it wasn't what she needed to be doing.

20:50: Cassie talks about how they then went back into working on Jeanne's emails and then the inspiration to do Menopause Awareness Month came and being on tv didn’t matter.

21:17: Cassie and Jeanne discuss how this is stepping fully into her Future Self.

21:25: Cassie talks about how Jeanne ended up on tv because of the person she was being and how it seemed easier to get on tv than to show up on Facebook.

21:54: Jeanne talks about writing the scripts of questions for the tv show and it being easier than writing for Facebook.

22:16: Cassie talks about it feeling easier to show up on tv than on Facebook.

22:30: Jeanne talks about feeling like you can be an instant star when you get on tv, admits that she doesn't care about being an instant star, that she is going to do a seminar the day after the last segment airs, and how it is all a gift to get her message out.

24:06: Cassie talks about how Jeanne's words come from doing the work to connect with her Future Self and her Future Clients.

24:28: Cassie talks about how being on tv isn't the end all be all and that it is just part of what Jeanne does.

24:42: Cassie talks about how the Menopause Guru is who Jeanne is.

24:52: Cassie asks Jeanne what would have been different if she would have ended up on tv a year ago.

25:25: Jeanne talks about how she doesn't care what the outcome she gets from being on tv is; she knows that she is in alignment with what she does and that her goal is to educate, and that is what she is doing.

27:06: Cassie loves seeing Jeanne own what she does.

27:16: Cassie talks about how Jeanne building the business this way has set her up to support fast, significant growth in her business.

27:40: Jeanne talks about how the clients coming into her world are a reflection of the work Jeanne is doing to change the world.

27:59: Cassie asks Jeanne where people can connect with her.

28:14: Jeanne gives her website http://menopause.coach/

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