Ep: #266: How Segmenting Your Life Slows Down Manifesting


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Jeanne Andrus is The Menopause Guru; only she used to keep that fact mostly secret in her "private" life.

She would share anything and everything women need to know about Menopause on her Menopause Guru page, but not on her personal page.

She kept her life segmented because she was afraid of the judgment of people who didn't get it.

She was afraid that if she posted on her personal page that people would comment nasty things.

Join your host Cassie Parks as she is joined by the Menopause Guru and they discuss being over that fear and how different her life and business are because she is owning who she is!

00:45: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been shining through. Jeanne discusses that she has been in the flow and sharing a lot of information on Menopause over the last month.

01:12: Cassie talks about recording this episode just after Menopause Awareness Month finished and asks Jeanne how she did it differently than in the past.

01:35: Jeanne talks about that she showed up, was unapologetically herself when delivering the information she wants to share with the world, and how this shift has made her more confident.

02:57: Jeanne talks about owning who she is and how she is starting to integrate being Jeanne and the Menopause Guru.

03:35: Cassie asks Jeanne if her definition of showing up has changed. Jeanne discusses that she knew what showing up meant but was fighting owning being the Menopause Guru in her personal life.

04:33: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to be living one life. Jeanne discusses that it feels more authentic and more connected, and discusses how she has been separating her business and personal life for a long time.

05:46: Cassie talks about Jeanne's Future Self living one life, and Jeanne talks about how her life flows between business and personal, and how she is still working on this.

06:53: Cassie talks about how that isn't going to happen again and asks Jeanne what her biggest fear was that kept her life separated.

07:05: Jeanne discusses that she was afraid of judgment because of what she talks about and was worried about how people would react if she brought her business into her personal interactions.

08:08: Cassie asks Jeanne what her biggest fear was if she showed up as the Menopause Guru in her private life, and Jeanne discusses that she was afraid people would post negative things on her page.

08:26: Cassie talks about how we have the control and the power to get what we want, but we let fear of a specific outcome stop us from doing it.

08:55: Cassie asks what the best part of showing up in all areas of her life as the Menopause Guru is, and Jeanne discusses that it is being proud owning all she has learned about Menopause and how she can help people like no one else can.

10:21: Cassie asks Jeanne why sharing that knowledge now brings so much more pride, and Jeanne discusses having people to share her message with and how she now sees that it is silly to wait for people to realize what she does when she can just tell them.

11:24: Cassie talks about how silly it is not to tell people what she does when 80% of the people who hear her message need to be told that they need her.

12:15: Jeanne gives an example of meeting someone who needed the information that she has.

13:29: Cassie points out how important it is to show up because that is how Jeanne helps clients realize that they need her, and Jeanne talks about how the people who need this information don't have it.

14:11: Cassie asks Jeanne what the Menopause Guru is changing about how Menopause is perceived, and Jeanne talks about knowing that she is going to start working with a younger clientele, so they get the information they need when they need it most.

15:32: Cassie asks Jeanne how she is going to show up to become the persons she wants to be, and Jeanne owns that she will do it brilliantly.

15:50: Jeanne talks about how the Menopause Guru is about guiding people through a major transition and how to stay true to themselves.

16:35: Cassie loves that Jeanne used brilliant and asks Jeanne about the difference between showing up brilliant instead of perfect.

17:16: Jeanne agrees and owns that she is smart, but that now she can share what she knows with others in a way that helps them.

17:53: Cassie talks about Jeanne stepping into her Future Self and becoming the brilliant person she is and asks how committing to showing up for Menopause Awareness Month has changed things.

18:53: Jeanne talks about how it started with the focus on the numbers, why she had to let that go, and how she realized that the goal, and the power, comes from just showing up and the numbers don't matter.

20:13: Cassie talks about how Jeanne was focused on the outcome, and Jeanne talks about how it was easier not to show up than to feel like a failure.

20:42: Jeanne talks about her making her goal to show up and how if she chooses not to show up, then it is on her that she failed.

21:05: Cassie talks about how Jeanne made a massive shift, and Jeanne talks about sticking to the goal of showing up.

21:57: Cassie talks about Jeanne choosing to show up no matter what, and Jeanne talks about how she gets to go skydiving because she showed up.

22:27: Cassie talks about the importance of showing up, how it took practice for Jeanne to get to this point, and that it couldn't happen until she was ready to step into being that person.

23:34: Cassie asks Jeanne how long it took to write an email when they first started working on writing them, and Jeanne owns that she wrote one a week and needed a lot of help from Cassie.

24:26: Cassie asks Jeanne about how it was different to talk to her clients last month versus in the past, and Jeanne talks about wanting to use August to get ahead, went on vacation, and ended up using what she has learned from her Future Self to write throughout September.

27:09: Cassie asks Jeanne why this was the month to commit, and Jeanne talks about being ready and wanting her business to start booming.

28:22: Cassie talks about Jeanne wanting it but not wanting to commit fully, and Jeanne discusses putting in 60 hours of work and getting 10 hours of results.

29:09: Cassie asks Jeanne how she started to see that she was putting in so much work and not getting anything done, and Jeanne discusses her husband working 12 hours a day and feeling that she should be working that whole time.

30:10: Jeanne owns that she had the right to complain if it wasn't working because she was working so hard.

30:56: Cassie asks Jeanne about working less, and Jeanne talks about being aware of when she isn't productive and knows that when she is working on the right things, she doesn't need to work 60 hours to be successful.

32:03: Cassie talks about Jeanne focusing on creating content that lands instead of just creating mass amounts of content.

32:36: Jeanne discusses how working with Cassie has helped her crate content that she can reuse, and how she knows that putting 10 to 12 hours a week into marketing now will allow her more time in the future.

33:42: Cassie talks about Jeanne wanting this business because she is creating the life she wants and that Jeanne started the month taking 3 hours to write 1 post, and now can write 3 posts in 1 hour.

34:30: Jeanne talks about posting 800 word Facebook posts and writing to the women who don't have anyone to get this information from and isn't interested in knowing all of the science behind it.

36:24: Cassie asks Jeanne what the title of her former business story is, and Jeanne says, "I'm going to tell you what you need to know."

36:48: Cassie asks Jeanne what some of the chapters to that story are, Jeanne gives a list, and Cassie talks about how her old story was very harsh and in your face.

37:36: Cassie asks Jeanne what the title of her current business story is, and Jeanne owns "You aren't going crazy; your hormones are."

32:48: Cassie asks what that means as a story title, and Jeanne talks about that women feel like they are reacting wrong to what is happening when they go through Menopause, and Jeanne wants to make it easy for women to live the life they want to.

39:18: Cassie tells Jeanne she thinks the title of her business story is "I speak to my clients so they can hear me," and Cassie talks about how differently Jeanne interacts with her clients compared to 2 years ago.

40:08: Cassie talks about how "you aren't going crazy, your hormones are" was inspired and how it was all part of the process and on the path to what Jeanne wanted.

41:24: Cassie asks Jeanne what she is excited about, and Jeanne talks about her husband's schedule and wanting him to be able to slow down and do what he wants to do, growing her business, and learning just to show up.

43:01: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels for the business to be easier and Jeanne admits that she just needs to show up and let the Universe take care of the rest.

43:30: Jeanne talks about putting out more emails and being happy that the wrong people are getting off of her list and the right people are hearing her message.

44:29: Cassie asks Jeanne what they will be talking about a year from now after next Menopause Awareness Month and Jeanne talks about being on major morning shows and the evidence she has that that will happen.

45:36: Cassie asks Jeanne for final thoughts on people fighting their business, and Jeanne talks about getting comfortable with the work you are putting in your business and not letting other people influence what you do.

46:32: Cassie asks Jeanne about doing the work you need to be doing versus focusing on the wrong things, and Jeanne discusses not knowing what her people really wanted until she had a coach to help her see it.

47:40: Cassie clarifies that Jeanne needed someone who could be her client so she could see what her clients need to hear.

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