Did you Leave Something Behind?


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Did you leave something behind? The great masters of martial arts have left behind, martial arts techniques. The martial arts masters have also left a few pieces of wisdom.

These martial arts masters get no listing in the pantheon of great thinkers. You don’t have Chojun Miyagi’s name mentioned with Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, or others. That does not happen. It’s about their niche, and that niche is self-defense without the use of a weapon.

That is a narrow frame. I am unlikely to take fighting tips from Immanuel Kant. (But Descartes knew how to use a sword). A difference of arenas is important as they don’t always cross. Did you Leave Something Behind? And what are you choosing to leave behind?

Did you leave something behind? The great minds did. Dueling Swords

The legacy is the question, that is the question Matt Jardine asked me, “What do you want your legacy to look like?” That question strikes straight the ego and how do you control the ego? We all want to be remembered at the end of our run we want to be remembered and remembered well.

Matt Jardine asks with his book, "Did you leave something behind?"
A great book by Matt Jardine

How to Leave a Mark on the World and Not a Scar

Leaving a mark with a name is exemplified by Thomas Jefferson the 3rd President of the United States. Avoiding a scar and not leaving your name on the world is demonstrated by Vasili Arkhipov.

Did you leave something behind? Vasili Arkhipov did.
Vasili Arkhipov

One of these men left his name on a piece of history the other left a piece of history with the little name associated. Both left a different world. This story gets teased out in the podcast as you listen.

If you haven’t heard the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here is and how on Soviet Submariner saved the planet during the missile crisis. And this submariner also saved the world’s breadbasket. The bread basket Jefferson purchased. listen to the podcast attached and you’ll be getting the relational story. The relational story that binds leaving future generations a map to betterment together.

The Third Generation is Your Rule

The Third Generation answers the question of how to make your name go forward, how to make your ideas go forward. A non-scientific method of establishing a time-defined goal.

The future is coming. Did you leave something behind?
The future is coming ready or not.

The making something that will last for future generations. It also setting the ego aside is almost essential to a great achievement that lives on with a positive tip. It serves as the foundation for the positive.

Your martial arts does not define your contribution, did you leave something behind? It need not be martial arts. But martial arts are a brimful furnace in which the three generations of gifts can get a forging.

That is how martial arts contribute to the gift you can leave in any area of your choosing. It’s about leaving something for your karate students. Did you leave something behind?

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Kris Wilder is a martial artist based in the semi-arid rolling lands of Eastern Washington. He has authored many martial art books, including the classic, The Way of Kata. Making no apologies for his obsession of Football he can be found telling any who will listen about the nuances of the Canadian Football League.

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