102: Living a Fully Expressed Life and Making Life Changing Choices for You with Lisa Winneke


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On today’s episode of Mindful Impact, Justin speaks with Lisa Winneke, host of Good News Guide. They discuss Lisa’s journey of connecting with herself in order to live a more fully expressed life, from meditation to daily check-ins, to journaling, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • Lisa Winneke is the host of Good News Guide podcast and recently launched a membership program for people who are seeking change.
  • What makes Lisa’s heart sing at the beginning of the day is the possibility that comes with the morning.
  • Lisa considers herself a connector and a communicator.
  • Her intention is “How can I add value?” And how she can contribute to people throughout the day.
  • Lisa’s transformation has been over the course of the last 14 years, after she gave birth to premature twin boys 16 years ago and became severely depressed.
  • She felt so disconnected from herself that she didn’t know who she was.
  • Some people can liberate themselves and express the life they want to live within a marriage, but Lisa found that although it was a good marriage, she felt she couldn’t fully liberate herself.
  • Lisa now stands for living a fully expressed and authentic life.
  • In hindsight, Lisa understands that she was feeling nudges and impulses that she wasn’t listening to.
  • Lisa attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation retreat, which really kicked off this phase of her journey in October 2018.
  • Doing this work with Joe Dispenza is what led her to start the Good News Guide.
  • Lisa does not watch the news at all, and stopped about 8 or 9 years ago.
  • Now, she keeps informed through people, and trusting that if there’s something worth knowing, she will find out through people she knows.
  • Lisa checks in with herself and her emotional state multiple times a day, and if she finds it dipping, she reflects to identify what shifted her energy and what she can do to fix it.
  • Her choice to stop watching the news inspired the Good News Guide, because the definition of news is “new and noteworthy information,” and she felt she wasn’t getting that.
  • The guests she brings onto the Good News Guide are new to a lot of people and they share things that are not taught in schools but are valuable and noteworthy pieces of information.
  • One of her highest values is transformation.
  • Lisa works with several coaches for different areas of her life, and it isn’t because there’s anything wrong with her or that she needs all of this extra support, but because she values transformation and growth, and chooses to work with these coaches.
  • She has learned to see conflict as an opportunity to connect more deeply with another person.
  • Lisa has done the Reclaim Your Wardrobe workshop more than once because what you put on your body and how it makes you feel affects your communication and the way you operate from the inside out.
  • For Lisa, play is very important, and incorporating play into her daily routine through music or by moving her body.
  • Justin shares that he recently had an experience playing with his 6 year old daughter in the middle of a workday that he felt completely re-energized him.
  • What matters most is finding what play means to you alone; it doesn’t have to involve another person.
  • What most of this is about is taking yourself out of your body and observing what’s happening to you in different situations.
  • We seem born to naturally remain in the present moment, but we lose the ability as we get older—why does that happen?
  • Lisa goes into every conversation she has, knowing that there will be a beautiful exchange.
  • The first thing Lisa does in the morning is meditate for between 20-45 minutes, but her practice is constantly changing.
  • She used to approach her meditation practice as an activity to tick off a to-do list, but now approaches it much more intentionally, as time she has given herself to connect with her soul.
  • Lisa had a friend compose frequency music to play in the background of all her podcast episodes to help listeners better absorb the conversation.
  • If Lisa could go back and tell her 18 year old self anything, it would be, “You’ve got this.”
  • Lisa sets 7 alarms throughout the day to check in with herself and to reconnect and anchor back into her heart.

3 Key Points:

  1. You are in control of your own environment and you are allowed to set boundaries about what you allow into your space and life.
  2. This is an ongoing journey, and you are constantly changing, growing, and becoming more authentic and expressed.
  3. Work on listening to the signs, signals, and nudges from that little voice inside you.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I wanted to be a demonstration of what it means to lead from our heart.” –Lisa Winneke
  • “How can I refocus and put my attention and energy into something where I’m contributing, creating what I want to create? Because as we know, we’re creating, consciously or unconsciously, in every single moment.” –Lisa Winneke
  • “We’re not taught at school that we’re the creator of our lives. We’re not taught at school that we have choices. We’re not taught at school that the most important thing is our relationship with the self. We’re not taught any of that.” –Lisa Winneke
  • “We’re here in these bodies to have an evolutionary experience of what it’s like to be human.” –Lisa Winneke

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