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I’m Doug Apple...and my heart is on fire! (Luke 24:32) How are you doing in life? How do you know? Is it by comparing yourself to others? “I’m doing cruddy because I’m not on a plane to Hawaii like my friends on Facebook.” Comparing ourselves to others is a terrible trap and a waste of time. Either we feel bad because others are doing better, or we can feel proud because we are doing better. But how can you know how you are doing in life if you don’t compare yourself to others? “I guess I’m doing okay. At least I’m not as bad as those people, wow, look at them.” That’s comparison. And then there is comparison’s evil twin: competition. Competition is basically organized comparison. It’s adding standings and prizes and gold medals. “How am I doing in life? Why, I’m the XYZ trophy winner. I’m doing great!” But again, that’s just comparing ourselves to others. Is there a way to know how we are doing in life without comparison? Well, there is provision. How am I providing for myself? Leave out comparing yourself to others, because someone else will always be providing more. The question is, are you providing enough to meet your needs, and then the needs of your family? Provision is an important measurement for how you are doing in life, but it probably takes less than you think. Providing all the latest whizmos for your kids is not the measurement. “But then they won’t be happy!” And that brings us to our final measurement for how we are doing in life: our pleasure. Are we happy? We can measure that, minute by minute, but is pleasure a good measure for how we are doing in life? So much of life isn’t what you would call pleasure. Even the addict whose only goal is seeking pleasure doesn’t feel that much pleasure. If you lived on a yacht on a beautiful island full of beautiful people and music and non-stop good times, before long it would just be boring. So how are we doing in life? We often answer that question by comparison (I’m winning!), or provision (I’m rich!), or pleasure (I’m so happy!) But I want to suggest a different measurement for how we are doing in life. God created us. God put inside each of us fantastic raw materials. We have gifts. We have callings. We have a purpose. We have a part to play, assigned by God. So the question is, are we doing it? Are we doing what God has gifted us to do and called us to do? Are we running in the lane that God has assigned to us, and running for all we’re worth? That is a measurement worth measuring. That is a standard worth rising to. That will bring us the best answer to that pesky, age-old question, “How am I doing in life?” May God bless you today. I’m Doug Apple.

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