Seed-Bearing Fruit


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I’m Doug Apple...and my heart is on fire. (Luke 24:32) Here is a Bible phrase that I am fascinated with: seed-bearing fruit. We take it for granted, but it is one of the most remarkable things in all of God’s creation: seed-bearing fruit. You bite into a delicious apple and what do you find? Apple seeds! So the apple tree not only produces fruit that tastes good and smells good and looks good and is good for us to eat. It produces seeds inside the fruit that will grow more apples. It is astounding! And God gets all the glory. Except from some people who give all the credit to…evolution. I was reading a website article designed for children and proclaiming their “academic rigor.” The author had the academic pedigree, and was answering a question from six-year-old Alice, “Where did the seed first come from?” The answer to Alice was, “Seeds came together bit-by-bit over a really long time, as plants evolved.” Now if you believe in evolution like this, then you already take this for granted without a second thought. Seeds just developed as plants worked out better ways to replicate themselves over millions of years. End of discussion. Oh, and not just one plant came up with the idea of a seed. This same “evolution” occurred in this plant and that plant and plant after plant…aaaalmost like there was a design to it. Well, that’s because there was a design to it, and a Designer. God did it, and I thank Him and glorify Him for His amazing creation! Genesis 1:11-12 says, “Then God said, ‘Let the land sprout with vegetation—every sort of seed-bearing plant, and trees that grow seed-bearing fruit. These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came.’ And that is what happened. The land produced vegetation—all sorts of seed-bearing plants, and trees with seed-bearing fruit. Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.” (NLT) My reaction to that is like what it says in Psalm 52:9, “I will praise Thee forever, because Thou hast done it…” So like I said, I love this phrase “seed-bearing fruit.” And that applies to our spiritual life. Jesus said in John 15:8, “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit…” Verse 16 says “…that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain…” So my prayer is that my life will bear good eternal fruit, and then I add this to my prayer, “Lord, I want to bear good seed-bearing fruit.” See, it’s one thing to produce fruit, and it’s another thing to produce seed-bearing fruit. For example, seedless grapes. Sure, the grapes are delicious, but that’s the end of the line. But seed-bearing grapes, that’s another story. They can produce generations of good fruit. And that’s what I want for my life. I want to bear good fruit, and I want it to be seed-bearing fruit, the kind that doesn’t end with me, but will continue producing good fruit for generations to come. “Lord, please let me bear good, eternal, seed-bearing fruit, in Jesus’ name I pray.” Amen. May God bless you today. I’m Doug Apple.

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