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Tell me if this sounds like you...

You've been trying to lose weight for years now. You've tried all the fad diets, the programs, the pills, the drinks. And some things you're even ashamed to admit that you tried. I don't know why I thought I could survive off of grapefruit alone.

Or you declare this is going to be the year that things will be different. You're going to be a new, healthy you. And then after about the first week, or maybe the second week, if your motivation lasted that long, you weren't being consistent anymore. And you decided to forget it.

You already messed up, you might as well mess up big. You'll start again later. When your life isn't as chaotic. When you feel better mentally. When the new year rolls around again.

And yeah, sometimes you'd actually lose some weight doing all of those things. But every time you gained it back, plus more.

And now you're finding yourself at the highest weight you've ever been in your life. You don't have the energy you need to do the things you need to do every day. Nevermind the energy to try to do the things you actually want to do.

You don't feel pretty anymore. You've gotten to a place where you don't even try to dress better, because it just cost too much for cute plus size clothes. Or the things that you actually want to wear don't even come in your size.

And let's not talk about the fact that you're hiding from your old friends and people that knew you before you gain the weight.

You've lost yourself in your weight and are literally being weighed down by it.

If you have over 50 pounds to lose, I'm the weight loss coach that gets you. I know all of that because that was me.

If you tell me you've had two cupcakes, I'm not gonna flinch. If you say the McDonald's fries are calling your name, I hear it too. If you're confused about why you know what to do, but you just aren't doing it. Well, I really understand that one.

I'm your weight loss mentor and transformational coach, Malaika Burley. I am a lover of Jesus, mom of 4, breast cancer survivor, and dance fitness queen who has SpongeBob playing on repeat.

I'm on a personal weight loss journey too. And I've lost over 70 pounds at this point without diet. I still get to eat my favorite Starbucks brownie. And I'm working with the busyness and seasons of life. I figured out a simple way to lose a lot of weight and keep it off and I want to share it with you.

You'll lose the weight and be free to enjoy the food at your kids' birthday parties. You can go to a social gathering or go to dinner out with friends and not have to order like a weirdo. You can lose the weight without being obsessed with the number on the scale. You don't have to meticulously count every calorie. You can be inconsistently consistent, just like I am and this is still gonna work for you.

So grab a coaching package at And let's lock arms for 3 months and start to get this weight off for good.

I'm going to be that smart motivational friend for you that's here to walk you through the process because I've already paved the way.

So whether you need to lose 50 pounds, 100, 150 pounds or more. I've got you! You've got this! So let's do it! Go to and let's mark lose weight off of that to do with for good!

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