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In returning to an approximation of the paleolithic world in modern times, of course the first thing is to eat and otherwise conduct ourselves in accordance with our evolutionary heritage. Move naturally, and often to build our bodies as did our ancestors for millennia, sleep according to our circadian rhythms, and live in a rural, natural environment, as unaffected by big cities and big government as possible.

But now, there is another step you can take, my paleo fellow tribesperson: buy crypto currencies! These are currencies that run counter to fiat, or national currencies, like the U.S. Dollar. You probably only have heard of one- Bitcoin.

There are many others, but they all are similar, and you only need to know a few things. (They are complex, but just because you don’t understand computers doesn’t mean you can’t use one!)

Crypto refers to all modern private currencies, of which Bitcoin was the first and is the most prominent. It is mathematically engineered to be impossible to manipulate, like government currencies are, by nowadays simply printing more and more, devaluating all of the existing dollars already printed (and saved!), and thus diluting their actual value due to inflation.

In other words, when the government decides to have yet another huge giveaway program, (like these upcoming checks going out to each and every family, and then child in the U.S.), they don’t have the money for it- not at all! They just print billions and trillions more!!

And so, any money you have saved in the bank, or in your IRA, or in your pension, or buried in a can in your back yard- is automatically worth way less, right away. It’s basically a huge tax that you can’t see, but confiscates more and more of your dollar’s worth over time. It’s why if you look at home prices from say, 10 years ago, every house seems so cheap compared to today. Or, prices of cars, or groceries, or anything. Inflation, the invisible tax.

Ever since ancient Rome, devaluing the currency has been the way to steal wealth from the people so the government can spend more and more. For instance, by the end of the Roman republic, a gold coin only contained 1/100th percentage of gold! Originally, it was all gold. Of course, eventually everyone knew it, and the scheme collapsed, and money became worthless.

Just like in Weimar Germany- it took wheelbarrow loads of inflated money to buy a loaf of bread! And, as it is in present South Africa today, along with Zimbabwe- the government money is perceived to be worthless, and it is.

But now, we actually have an alternative to government manipulated money.

Bitcoin. It is a private money, set up to be impossible to inflate. Governments cannot manipulate it; it is a currency of the people, controlled by no individual or group- it is set up to be totally honest- Bitcoin is worth what people who own it and the market overall decide it is worth. The actual value never changes from any outside forces.

But there is more. Once you own it, you don’t have to plan for its value to decline over time, as with every single other currency on the planet! It may go up, and then down; but rest assured that, long term, it will inevitably go up.

Think what a game changer this is! Forever, all throughout civilized history, money has gone down in value, over time. Always. My parent’s first house in 1953, where they raised 5 children, cost $10,000. Their next house, which was in 1962, was much bigger, but only $42,000. They raised all eight of their children from then on there. Now, on that same house, my mother is charged 20,000 per year just

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