Civilization IS Western Civilization!


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It turns out that actual knowledge is now Politically Incorrect! Sad but true.

I remember back in the 1960’s (yes, I am old enough- 68- to remember those days well), when to be liberal, a college student say, wearing flowers and patched jeans, meant that protests were about free speech!

While no hippy, I recognized the intellectual honesty and freedom of that notion of freedom of speech, and I concurred completely. They talked about the Vietnam war at the time, which Lyndon Johnson had escalated greatly, and which was politically unwinnable. The leftist hippies were right- get us out of Vietnam.

Equal rights for minorities was another cause of the left, and also for very many on the right. Those on the right were the same ones (Republicans) that had freed the slaves- they just wanted total equality, or justice.

The Democrats wanted them free so they could buy their votes- Johnson famously did this by starting his “Great Society”, which just means Welfare. And so, for this reason and this reason alone, blacks started voting for Democrats, which were the very party of the Klu Klux Clan, and the party of the south carpetbaggers that pushed segregation and Jim Crow for so many years.

And so it started: the Leftist Democrats moved further and further leftwards, until they started to call for banning free speech, since to tell the truth was now called ‘Hate Speech’. And equality for all now started to mean equality of outcome, which simply meant that everyone should have equal money and possessions, irregardless of ability, IQ, or work ethic.

And, in 1965, Democrat Ted Kennedy introduced the Hart Cellar act, which reversed the immigration standards of the US which had been in place since 1920 to keep our country predominantly white European, as had been envisioned from the start by our Founding Fathers.

Once again, this was not done out of a sense of justice; no, not at all, it was signed by President Johnson with the intent, once again to buy votes. This time, by importing low IQ, non -European people of low skills, who would be dependent on the government dole, and so would once again vote overwhelmingly Democrat, to insure the endless flow of Welfare benefits.

And so, gradually the Democrats have simply become Socialists/Communists, since despite their protests- the terms are largely synonymous! Lenin himself used them interchangeably, although Hitler, who was a bit more to the right since he didn’t want to completely nationalize all industries, always pointed out the slight difference.

Despite what you might have learned or not been taught about history, Hitler was a monster, certainly- but Lenin and his protege, Stalin, were far worse in sheer number of murders!

Fast forward to today, and the Left, the Democrats in the US, and their like parties in Western Europe, are all about:

Banning Free Speech, if it doesn’t follow the politically correct party line

Importing as many low IQ voters as possible, to ensure staying in power, and also to follow the Leftist/Communist agenda to destroy national cohesiveness

It is not hard to see where all of this has led:

Our large city public schools are largely destroyed, inundated with low IQ ‘diversity’ and endless violence.

The big cities themselves are now bastions of corruption and graft. Whites have been forced, for the safety of their children, to leave the cities their forebears built for them.

Democrats run virtually every large city. Very, very badly. But, they are in charge, which is all they have ever really cared about!

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