The Scamdemic!


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I’d like to have a blog and podcast devoted strictly to paleo health. But, nowadays, our health is so tied to the politics all about us, that another part of my name, PaleoJay, is being brought to the fore- Paleo Politics, meaning an old fashioned type of political opinion. The idea that Western civilization is the highest form of life, and is indeed what is meant by ‘civilization’ itself. And that isolationism and strong border control, strict law and order, and the notion of a true meritocracy and absolute fairness to all under the law are necessary and desirable in every way.

With that in mind, and in order to preserve my freedom to choose both a paleo way of living, exercising and eating, I need to address those glaring items that are threatening my political ideas. Big Government, Leftist/Communist/Socialist ideas, Globalism, and the race industry are all terrible things threatening us now. The coronavirus, while real, is simply being used as a tool of control by many in government (at least the embedded Swamp portion). Fear and misplaced, self-hating suicidal altruism are being used to destroy our very civilization, especially among the young.

Our young, meaning those 35 and under especially, but this also includes much older, sheltered people, in particular college educated/indoctrinated women, are especially susceptible to being controlled by evil forces. I used to think the Democrat party in the US was a viable alternative, back in the 1960’s, and it kind of was. They really hid their toxic agenda well back then, and did so indeed up until the past 10 years or so.

And now, in 2020, the Democrats have revealed that they are, indeed, simply EVIL. They want to to:

Placate BLM by giving “reparations” to people based simply on race, for crimes they never suffered under in their lives

Give advantages in schooling test scores, welfare payments, hiring- and to make crime the new black entitlement. Blacks are to be given free reign to burn, loot, and destroy, with no consequences!

The constant mantra is that blacks (or POCs, or whatever else is the term of the moment) are under constant threat of racism, even if unconscious, and that explains everything about their extreme dysfunction as a people, their extreme violence, and their hatred of everything about our wonderful civilization! No other explanation is possible, is it??

Well, yes, there is one obvious, glaring explanation for the incredible, unvarying failure to thrive of black people as a whole, both in the advantageous environment of the US, where every other group does very well indeed.

Differences in average IQ explain everything, very simply and demonstrably.

In Africa, the average IQ is 67, with a range of up to 89. This explains African cities and way of life. An IQ of 70 or less is mentally retarded. 85, the average score for an American black, is considered ‘low average’. It is also the sweet spot for criminal activity- just smart enough to get into real trouble!

Whites of European descent average 100. So, the spread being 90 to 109 being average, we come up with Western civilization as we know it, or at least as we knew it. East Asians average is somewhat higher, with av average of 105.

The higher the IQ, the less propensity towards committing crime, particularly violent crime. Blacks commit far, far more crime than any other ethnic group! F

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