EP096: Functional and Regenerative Fitness with The Fitness Doctor, Robbie Stahl, and Sachin Patel


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Functional and regenerative fitness expert Dr. Robbie Stahl joins the show to share how the work he does is changing the way we think about training. Join Sachin for an awesome discussion on what it takes to train for function rather than looks, and how doing the latter may cause you issues as you age.

Key Takeaways:

[:46] Sachin welcomes Dr. Stahl to the show and shares how they met!

[2:47] Dr. Robbie shares the one thing he wants to bring back into the fitness realm. He shares how he came to look at the body from a function perspective rather than a show one.

[7:33] Training for the long term, and without injury means training in alignment, Dr. Robbie shares a few examples of what biomechanical optimization might look like as well as what happens in your body while in alignment.

[11:34] The neurological impacts of optimal alignment reach further than you may guess; Dr. Stahl talks about the relationship between muscle guarding and stress responses.

[13:20] You cannot separate the mind from the body; Dr. Stahl shares the revolutionary work he does on both during training sessions.

[15:07] Sachin offers a thought experiment about healthy eating vs. movement. While both are important, Dr. Robbie shares which offers the best outcome, especially in old age.

[19:00] Dr. Robbie Stahl’s favorite muscle group.

[21:00] The most common biomechanical issues Dr. Rob sees. He shares the importance of fast reaction times when it comes to muscle tears and injuries.

[25:00] From 27 movement assessments to a proprietary software that took three years to develop, Dr. Robbie breaks down the process through his client’s eyes as well as the differences that you might see from a typical trainer.

[26:15] The three major factors to an optimally functioning body: mobility, motor control, and stability. Dr. Robbie talks about what the requirements are for each of those factors as well as how to identify some of them yourself.

[31:05] How many push-ups are enough? What about rows? Dr. Robbie shares how the right ratios create balance and optimal performance.

[33:00] Dr. Robbie shares the long list of physiological benefits of being in alignment.

[35:50] Dr. Robbie’s reading list! as well as how to connect with Dr. Robbie.

[40:18] This is the one business insight that Dr. Robbie believes everyone should hear. Sachin offers Dr. Robbie his own diagnostic tool to see if it might help.

[43:32] Sachin thanks Dr. Robbie Stahl for sharing so much of his knowledge and experience and signs off until next time.

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More about our guest

Find out more about Dr. Robbie Stahl on his website, get in touch through email at robbie@the-fitnessdoctor.com

Books by Sachin Patel:

Perfect Practice: How to Build a Successful Functional Medical Business, Attract Your Ideal Patients, Serve Your Community and Get Paid What You’re Worth

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“Your body is a mechanical structure, putting large loads on it will create stresses over time.” — Dr. Robbie Stahl

“The position you train the muscle in is the position you strengthen the muscle in.” — Dr. Robbie Stahl

“When you don’t move, the messages your cells send are inflammatory and cell death increases. In simple terms, use it or lose it!” — Dr. Robbie Stahl

“Cell fitness and body fitness do correlate.” — Sachin Patel

“There is a muscle correlated to every visceral organ.” — Sachin Patel

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