174. Marcus Murphy From Digital Marketer – The 5 Key Steps To Optimize Sales Navigator And How To Use It To Develop Long Term Business Relationships


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Marcus Murphy From Digital Marketer - The 5 Key Steps To Optimize Sales Navigator And How To Use It To Develop Long Term Business Relationships Links Mentioned: Click here to download the shownotes Marcus Murphy LinkedIn Profile Marcus Murphy Digital Marketer Blogs The 10-Point LinkedIn Audit www.GetMeToDone.com www.Productiveinsights.com www.PremiumProductivity.com www.CallAshRoy.com www.Youtube.com/ProductiveInsights Related Episodes: 170. Ryan Deiss From Digital Marketer Reveals The 5-Step Conversion Funnel That Turbo-Charges Your Business Growth 171. Email Marketing Success Strategies Revealed with Co-Founder of Digital Marketer Richard Lindner 172. Strategic Partnerships And How To Use Them To Grow Your Business Fast With Roland Frasier From Digital Marketer 173. The 5 Step Process To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile And Attract Your Ideal Clients With Marcus Murphy From Digital Marketer 075. Joe Pulizzi — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Does Your Content Fit Into Your Buyer’s Journey? 001. Neil Patel (Kissmetrics Founder) On How To Make Better Decisions Around Client Selection, Branding and Investing Transcript Ash Roy: Welcome back to the productive insights podcast. This is ash Roy, the founder of productive insights.com, and I'm super excited to have Marcus Murphy back to talk about LinkedIn sales navigator. Now, if you haven't listened to part one of this two part conversation, definitely head over to www.ProductiveInsights.com/173 where we talk about how to set up your LinkedIn profile in five steps and how to use LinkedIn to have meaningful sales conversations and change the conversation around selling. Marcus has shared some awesome tips in that episode around it, how to actually not be the sleazy, disliked salesperson, but rather be the more empathetic, ethical, diagnostically focused salesperson who understands his or her prospects problem and then looks to solve it in a meaningful way and LinkedIn is an awesome tool to do that. To definitely check out productive insights.com forward slash one 73. Now, in this second part of this two part conversation, which is www.ProductiveInsights.com/174 where you can access all the show notes. Marcus is going to share some absolute awesome ideas around how to use sales navigator, the paid version of LinkedIn to take things up a notch, so welcome back, Marcus. Marcus Murphy: Thank you so much for having me back. I think of that foundational piece. If you haven't listened to the first episode where we go through building kind of that all star profile and really making sure that your professional brand is intact. That's the first one I would do before hopping into this paid version because there's so many things you can do for free before paying for some of the tools, but if you're going to pay for anything, the sales navigator tool is by far the way to go. Ash Roy: Absolutely. Let's jump into the content. So how is sales navigator different from the free version of LinkedIn and why would we want to use sales navigator What benefits would it give us Marcus Murphy: Sales navigator is basically a way to aggregates opportunity. What it's doing is it's literally combing through, allowing you to put in targets and allowing you to essentially put in who you would like to connect with so you're being more intentional about who you're targeting very specifically and what it does is it's giving you recommendations and it's also a search feature is probably it has an advanced feature for it search. It's allowing you to really narrow down profiles and be able to connect in new ways with the platform so it's using its software to be able to pull in, allow you to identify exactly the Avatar and the client profile that you're looking for...

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