175. James Clear On Atomic Habits : An Easy Way To Build Good Habits And Break Bad Ones


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James Clear On Atomic Habits : An Easy Way To Build Good Habits And Break Bad Ones Links Mentioned: Click here to download the podcast shownotes www.jamesclear.com www.atomichabits.com www.GetMeToDone.com www.Productiveinsights.com www.YouTube.com/ProductiveInsights www.CallAshRoy.com www.PremiumProductivity.com Books Mentioned: Your Erroneous Zones Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones Related Episodes: 142. Harvard Asst. Professor of Psychiatry — Dr. Srini Pillay — On The Power Of The Unfocused Mind and Productivity - Part 1 of 2 143. Harvard Asst. Professor of Psychiatry — Dr. Srini Pillay — On The Power Of The Unfocused Mind and Productivity - Part 2 of 2 Atomic Habits 7-step quick start action plan This action points below aren’t a substitute for the book Atomic Habits. They are useful as a short guide to useful habit creation, however. 1. Redesign your physical environment to build better habits over time Our environment has more of an impact on our behavior than most of us realize. Change your environment and you’re likely to change your behavior. What does this mean? If you want to watch less TV don’t have your lounge facing the TV. Have it facing away from the TV. Or better still, don‘t have a TV at all! Want to get fit? Spend more time at the gym and don’t buy junk food when you go shopping. You can’t nibble on unhealthy snacks if they aren’t in your pantry! Want to consume less social media? Remove the apps from your smartphone. Or do what James Clear talks about in this episode and don‘t have social media apps on your home screen. Move the apps to the fourth or fifth screen on your smartphone so they‘re harder to access. I’d like to play the guitar again so I‘ve got the guitar sitting in my home office on a stand. I don‘t have to go to the hassle of unpacking it if I want to play it. I can literally pick it up and play. Because I want to develop the habit of playing the guitar (again) I’m reducing the ‘friction to access’. Conversely, if I want to stop playing the guitar, I’d put it in the guitar case and store it in the attic. 2. Redesign your digital environment to change habits over time We spend a huge proportion of our time on smartphones these days. Most of us experience our lives through our phones. Unless you attempt to cap your screen time on your smartphone, your phone will be a huge part of your environment. And for obvious reasons, that isn’t usually a good thing. If you use Apple products make sure you have ‘screen time’ turned on. This tells you how long you’ve been using your phone each day and allows you to monitor and change your behavior. 3. Use your natural tribal instincts to your advantage Even though we’re now a ‘civilized’ society several of our biological instincts remain with us even today. Fitting in with our tribe is one. Jim Rohn had once said you’re the average of the 5 people you hang around. There’s some truth to this. And I believe it comes back to our tribal instinct to ‘fit in’. Back in those days, being cast out from the usually meant certain death. We evolved to survive in tribes and that instinct remains with us today. So use that to your advantage. Want to get healthier? Spend more time with people who work out. Get a gym buddy. Want to become a better musician? Hang out with musicians. Want to become a better leader? Spend time with people who display leadership qualities. Watching YouTube videos or reading books written by great leaders is a great place to start. 4. Increase ‘friction to access’ to break bad habits

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