Case Review: Ultrasound of Achilles Tendinosis and Tear


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In this radiology lecture, we review the ultrasound appearance of Achilles tendinosis, partial thickness tears and full thickness tears through four unique cases.

Key teaching points include:

  • Achilles tendon is strongest in body. Originates from soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, inserts onto posterior calcaneal tuberosity.
  • Achilles tendon tears = Most common ankle tendon injury.
  • Tendon enlargement greater than 1 cm in AP dimension = Abnormal.
  • Tendinosis appears as fusiform hypoechoic swelling of tendon without fiber disruption with increased blood flow (use power Doppler or microvascular flow).
  • Ultrasound highly sensitive and specific for partial and complete Achilles tears.
  • Partial tear = Hypoechoic/anechoic cleft that disrupts tendon fibers.
  • Full thickness tears = Usually 2-6 cm proximal to calcaneal insertion. Complete tendon fiber disruption and retraction. May see refractive shadowing at tendon stumps. Tendon gap may fill with mixed echogenicity fluid/hemorrhage or portion of adjacent fat pad.
  • Plantaris tendon = Thin tendon at medial aspect of Achilles, may mimic intact Achilles tendon fibers (plantaris usually stays intact with Achilles tear).
  • Dynamic imaging with passive ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion helps reveal tendon retraction at tear site.
  • Achilles tendon surrounded by a paratenon as opposed to a true synovial tendon sheath.
  • Paratendinitis = Hypoechoic swelling or anechoic fluid adjacent to tendon.
  • Achilles tendon ossification can occur with prior tendon rupture, surgery, or repetitive microtrauma.
  • Scar tissue in chronic tear can simulate tendon fibers (dynamic maneuvers helpful), and fibrous bridging may occur.

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