The Last Hobbit - In The Shadow Of The Mountains S01E28 ( Adventures in Middle-Earth D&D 5e RPG actual play )


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S01E28 Previously on: The fellowship have been searching the marshes of the Gladden fields for a dark fortress, the Dwimmerhorn. It was briefly sighted through the mists but was quickly lost again. Trudging through the mud towards the estimated position, the group stumbled into a group of orcs and wolves, led by a Great Orc, who were chasing a man. The party's guide, Magric, betrayed them by warning the evil band of the ambush waiting for them, then fled into the marsh. Battle was joined. Once the Wargs were slain, the orcs, clearly suffering in the sunshine, were no match for the seasoned adventurers, only the Great Orc posing much of a problem before he too fell. The man has been saved, so what's his story?

This is an Adventures in Middle-Earth actual play using the D&D 5e system on Fantasy Grounds.

You can find session summaries, items and characters on World Anvil where our campaign is called "In The Shadow of The Mountains". ( )

As usual, this episode has some jump cuts to speed up the session.

17:32 Return through the marsh29:26 The Gladden38:01 Byrgol1:08:27 Trader's Island

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