Episode #20 – Pay-Per-Call Marketing – Getting Those Targeted Leads


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Matt Frary - PhotoDo you want an effective marketing channel to deliver high quality leads? Are you thinking that online marketing is the only way you can secure new customers? Have you thought of pay-per-call marketing? Pay-per-call marketing has been around for generations but in recent years it has seen a transformation. Now it is one of the most effective methods to generate quality leads for your sales team.

If you are looking for advice on how to get the most out of your marketing efforts then invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of Chaos Makes Sense where your host Kimberly Henrie interviews Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos and Jennine Rexon, the President of RexDirectNet.com. In this edition they discuss pay-per-call marketing and how it can generate quality leads for your business.

Rex Direct Net was one of the first businesses into the modern realm of pay-per-call marketing. Because of this they have extensive experience and know exactly what does and does not work within the marketplace. Listening to this podcast will aid you in generating the best results from your pay-per-call campaigns.

No Longer For Grandpa’s Insurance

Jennine begins the episode by explaining that pay-per-call refers to inbound generated phone calls to customers that qualify as leads. Typically these calls are billed on a per call basis as long as certain qualifications are met and the duration is over a certain amount.

This style of marketing is not new. A phone number on your website could be considered to be part of this marketing trend. Yellow Pages and other offline directories can also be considered to be involved in this marketing avenue.

Many different industries have traditionally used pay-per-call marketing. These have included home services and insurance. This is because their margins have been traditionally large enough to incorporate the higher cost of the process.

However, over the past two or three years this marketing avenue has exploded with new industries getting involved. This has been brought on through the development of better tracking and performance monitoring technology. Pay-per-call is no longer for Grandpa’s insurance!

A Highly Effective Medium

Pay-per-call is a highly effective marketing medium. Matt explains that a recent discussion he has had with Comcast revealed only 10% of their customer acquisitions came from online; 90% were from telephone calls.

Jennine agrees and points out that those who are looking at your website or advertisement and picking up the phone have a higher chance of converting. Having someone on the phone who can sell your products is certainly a benefit.

During the podcast, Jennine and Matt answer the following questions:

  • How can you ensure the best quality of calls with your potential customers?
  • How can you and your agency work together to improve the performance of your campaign?
  • What are IVRs and how can they be used within your campaigns?
  • What do you need to get a really good pay-per-call campaign?
  • What is the future going to be like for pay-per-call marketing?

When just a few years ago many advertisers were intimidated by the process, Jennine is excited that there are many options for businesses to take advantage of this marketing avenue.

When Will You Make Your First Call?

Do you think there is room in your marketing strategy for pay-per-call marketing? Do you want to know more about this highly effective online marketing strategy? Then invest 20 minutes of your time in this podcast and discover more. Then come back and give us your thoughts, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Improve Content Management Efficiency

How to create and manage content is a struggle for many businesses. We look at the steps you can take to handle this vital marketing skill.

Do you struggle to keep control of your content? Listen to our podcast and share your thoughts with us!

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