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In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks with Judith Joy. It is entirely possible to change your life and create the life of your dreams.

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Judith Joy 06:18

Okay, so here's the thing before you make choices. Yeah, you have to raise your vibration. David Hawkins talks about a consciousness scale, right? Zero to 1000. And these over here are what I'm looking at as low vibe. This is where you have depression, anxiety, shame, blame, frustration, you know, all of that is down here. Then you move up a little bit, and you've got anger. Anger is actually a higher vibration, right? Then apathy, or depression, because if you think when you are depressed or apathetic, you're laying on the couch, and you don't have any energy to move. You get up to anger, you got some energy to move, you can do something a little bit higher for pride, and that's where the Marines are. And that's where it's like, yeah, I can do it. But you go up just a little bit more, where you take responsibility for everything in your life, right? And then you tip over into the high vibe. And then Whoa, watch out. Because once you take responsibility for everything, you're not blaming anybody else.

Judith Joy 11:08

So even if you're over here, and you're in shame and blame, and you just move a little bit, and then you move a little bit, and then you move a little bit, and then you move a little bit, and then you move a little bit, eventually, you're going to make it up here. Now, some people can be here and go, Whoa, I'm all the way over. But your body isn't used to that. And your body always returns to what it used to. So you go, I'm up here. Well, this is great. I'm having so much fun, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh, that headaches gonna bring you back to here. Can you agree? Okay. Now, do I choose to stay here? Nope. I'm moving up again. Do I choose to stay? Nope. Eventually, your low will be what your high used to be.

Judith Joy 15:31

But it's the feeling I want to go out for dinner, I want to put something on. I can't find the right thing to wear. No, ah, it's all this yuck. What you're actually saying is I'm looking for a feeling. And I'm looking for this outfit to match the feeling right. outfit to give me the feeling with the work that I do. Let's build up the feeling so that you feel really good. And okay, which outfit is going to match that? I'll take that one.

BIO: Judith Joy

Judith began her professional career after graduating with an undergraduate business degree and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. She then taught elementary school followed by writing a business newsletter for an audience of 500,000 before becoming fascinated with the mind-heart connection.

Her passion for writing grew and her first book Surviving Your Teenager – And Being Happy Anyway was published to share her journey of parenting difficult teenagers. Throughout learning how to deal with headaches, she found the same principles helped smooth the way when dealing with her teenagers and wanted to share what worked for her. Buy Surviving Your Teenager – And Being Happy Anyway here.

Her second book “Dear Future Lover – Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life” was a result of another personal journey and the process she used to find true love after divorce. By implementing the Law of Attraction and writing to her future soulmate as if he already existed, she found her husband. The same principles she used to find her soulmate can be applied to finding whatever it is you are seeking. Buy Dear Future Lover – Bring Your Boyfriend to Life here.

Core purpose/passion: To help people manifest their dreams and shift their energy to create the life they choose.

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