Epcot Entrance Plaza


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E-P-C-O-T: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. A physical manifestation of one of Walt Disney’s last and greatest dreams, EPCOT Center is an ongoing metamorphosis, a dream that will never quite be realized. It is in a state of always becoming, an atmosphere poised and ready to embrace change and celebrate each new discovery. And although it never became quite the living community of Walt’s imagining, this place embodies the very essence of life and all the wonders which surround us.

From the furthest reaches of the cosmos to the deepest fathoms of the ocean, from diverse landscapes and language, music and cuisine, EPCOT is touched by every element of humanity and creation. It does not shy away from the unknown, but forges onward in constant pursuit of the next great story waiting to be told in some new and imaginative way.

The paragon of EPCOT can be identified from the moment you set foot in the entrance plaza. We are immediately placed in the mind’s eye of imaginations who have wandered far into the future. Here, they have fabricated something tangible and nothing short of astonishing from what they found.

The monorail gliding around a massive geodesic sphere instantly calls to mind some liaison to the future, some bridge between yesterday and tomorrow that binds us to the present in a strange and wonderful realm of endless possibility. We catch a glimpse of the utopian musings of Walt’s later years and the life he envisioned for all who would come to work, play, and live in his community of tomorrow.

This space is a synchrony of what was and what could be, nostalgia and innovation, imbued with the spirit of Walt himself.

Even the music speaks with a voice all its own. A fusion of cinematic orchestras and electronic synthesizers echoing all around, its radiant sound soars across the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, inviting us to be part of this great, unceasing adventure.

Before we embark on the journey that awaits, before we yield to the beckoning of our spirit, spend a moment (or an interlude) in this space. Consider it the prologue of an epic story waiting to be told. We are abuzz with excitement and anticipation, but this joy is unique to this moment, and so let’s savor it Here and now.

Listen to the music rise and fall around you, telling stories without words of what we might uncover in the pages we have yet to peruse. It is familiar and altogether otherworldly at times, brimming with curiosity and hope.

Watch the sunlight glint and gleam off the fractals of the grand and miraculous Spaceship Earth. Feel the magnitude of it erupt within you as you derive joy and childlike wonder, as you feel your imagination coming alive!

Every moment Here is filled with new possibilities, opportunities to discover and rediscover again the fabric of humanity: the delights of our senses, the things which spark our curiosities, the people who paint our world with color and light, story and song.

The Magic that lives Here is sustained by a dream that still resounds in every space, every song, every moment. Though many years have passed, we hold onto the same hope that has sustained EPCOT through the decades: for peace and harmony, community and togetherness, progress and the promise that whatever the future brings, we might celebrate it hand in hand.

Here, the journey to wherever we’re going is far more valuable than where we end up. Here, anything is possible.

EPCOT is a place of becoming, its Magic free of limitations. We find that Magic in this space when we realize one empowering, transformative truth: so are we.

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