Spaceship Earth


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Soundscapes: Spaceship Earth

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In the first chapter of any captivating story, we catch a glimpse of the journey we are about to embark upon, introduced to the cast of characters we will be traveling with, and begin to establish a sense of the burgeoning challenges and contexts we are about to step into alongside them.

In the living storybook that is EPCOT, we are the players, and as we step into the opening scene, our first glance of the unfolding narrative is one that promises adventure and discovery to fill innumerable pages.

A triumphant symphony plays an overture of great anticipation as we arrive at EPCOT Center, sending our imaginations whirring into life at once. Almost as though they were waiting in the wings all the while, listening for their cue, they spring into movement as we encounter the epicenter of the epic tale we are about to experience.

This is where our story begins - Here, aboard this grand and miraculous spaceship.

If the spectacular edifice of this futuristic vessel is any indication of all the wonder in store, then what are we waiting for? Hoist the anchors…we’re off to sail through the universe of time; to uncover the pieces of our human history lost to the ages, and unravel what they might be speaking to us through the intervening years as we look ahead to the future.

Along the way, we might find a treasure that we did not seek, Magic we did not expect to find. Though the trials and upheaval that have faced humanity since the dawn of time seem to be an inevitable, recurring theme as we wend our way through the centuries in our time machine, there is an equally pervasive feeling that is just as evident.

It is hope; a resilience and a constant yearning toward something greater that has spurred us on in times of trial, like a friend or an ally cheering from the sidelines.

It is this which propels us forward to welcome whatever might come. We find that our unbreakable spirit is no match for our circumstances, and it is this knowledge which allows us to find peace in the chaos, Magic in the mundane, hope in the heaviest moments of our own realities.

It is this which has persevered through the ages, this which has allowed us to dream, to find joy in the journey as we are spurred on by those who came before us, their shouts of encouragement ringing through time and space as clearly as if they stood by our side.

This is the story of EPCOT, the narrative conferred within the geodesic walls of our Spaceship Earth. That we might discover the truth about ourselves by looking to our past. That we might reach ever upward, empowered by the stories of those who went before us. That we might find hope and joy in the present, pausing to engage with all the wonder that surrounds us each and every day. And as we look to the future, that we might remember the Magic that finds us Here.

We can harness that Magic, looking to it for comfort that will sustain us on our way. It binds us together as a global community, a cast of characters in an epic tale that is still being written.

If 30,000 years of time travel have taught us anything, it is that we are all connected by a greater story, and that wherever our own might lead us, that truth can be our guiding light. Our capacity for hope, our pursuit of joy, our quest for Magic…these are the golden threads that bring us back Here, to our humanity and our purpose.

And as our time machine begins rotating backward for our return to Earth, we can rest in the peace of knowing that whatever the future might hold, we are embarking on the journey as one. Our dreams for the future are well within reach, and we can create the world of tomorrow together…one step at a time.

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