Highlights - Alberto Savoia - Google’s 1st Engineering Director - Author of “The Right It”


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"But then what is the next problem? The challenge is not coming up with new technology, right? The challenge is how do we humans adapt to this technology, and put it to a good use? And, right now, so I've gone from hardware and software, Right now I'm most interested in what some people call wetware. How our brain works because all of these ideas that you see behind me on the screen, where do they come up from? They come up from my head. And if you look at how your thought process is working, sometimes they just seem to pop up, right?

Especially these days. I think what all this technology has shown us, especially with the pandemic, Twitter, Facebook, I don't think it's so much that the technology has changed us, more that it kind of reveals what's going on in our mind. And basically, I cannot think of any single thing that anybody could write that you don't get all kinds of feedback. Great idea. Terrible idea. So like Galileo with the telescope, it kind of allows us to see into our collective mind.

Some days it's very illuminating because finally we have the data in front of us. You could not cure infectious diseases until you had the microscope, until you could actually see, Oh, this is what's happening at the cellular level. So similarly, I think what the tools that we have developed for communicating with each other have given us is an ability to look at what is actually happening. What is inside our minds."

Alberto Savoia was Google’s first engineering director and is currently Innovation Agitator Emeritus, where, among other things, he led the development and launch of the original Google AdWords. He is the author of The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed, a book that provides critical advice for rethinking how we launch a new idea, product, or business, and gives insights to help successfully beat the law of market failure: that most new products will fail, even if competently executed. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, angel-investor and an expert practitioner in pretotyping and lean innovation. He is based in Silicon Valley where he teaches his uniquely effective approach to innovation at Google, Stanford. He has also taught and coached many Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, McDonald’s, and Walmart, as well as the US Army.


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