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Trish Bar-On, 5th dan black belt in judo is a qualified judo and self defense coach. Since making aliya in 1969 from London, Trish served in the army as a medic, raised two girls and became a grandmother of five. She has taught judo and self defense to women and girls throughout Israel and abroad for over 35 years in the belief that these classes build confidence, improve posture, increase energy and alertness and provide her graduates with tools that will continue to serve them throughout their lives. Trish had the honor to be taught by first class coaches and with a daughter representing Israeli judo in the Sydney Olympics 2000, Trish went on to take second place in the Judo World Masters. More important, however, participation in master classes focusing on judo kata in Japan and worldwide has shown her that beyond competitions and combat, judo involves technical research, practice of kata, self-defense work, physical preparation and sharpening of spirit. As a discipline derived from ancestral traditions, judo was designed by its Master Founder, Kano Jigoro Shihan, as an eminently modern and progressive activity. There are two principal ways of practicing Judo: Kata and Randori. Kata, which literally means "form", is practiced following a formal system of prearranged exercise, while Randori, meaning "free practice" is practiced freely, not as shiai (combat) but as a way to practice studied techniques and through Kata practice, trainees learn the principles of these techniques*. *History of Kodokan Judo. (2018) Retrieved from: We talked about - Background, teachers, colleagues: Imi Sde Or (Lichtenfeld) - Judo in his club Doron Navon Toli Halivni Moti Nativ Sloppy table of contents: Liz Roach workshop - Kata and competition Randori Competetive training Is Judo today different than what it used to be? Why? Judo Kata Application of principles outside the mat - Will Judo champions succeed elswhere? Going to train with strangers abroad Common and diverse components of Judo-base in differnt places Judo rule changes compared to BJJ debate - Guard-pulling, Leg-locks Kata competition דיברנו על - רקע, מורים, קולגות: אימי שדה-אור - ג'ודו במועדון של קרב-מגע דורון נבון טולי הלבני מוטי נתיב תוכן עניינים מרושל: סמינר קאטה ותחרויות עם ליז רואץ' רנדורי אימון תחרותי האם הג'ודו היום שונה מפעם ולמה? קאטות בג'ודו ישום העקרונות מחוץ למזרון - האם אלופי ג'ודו יצליחו במקומות אחרים? אימון עם אנשים זרים במקומות רחוקים אלמנטים משותפים ושונים בבסיס של ג'ודו במקומות שונים שינויי חוקים בג'ודו יחסית לדיון בג'וג'יטסו על בריחי רגליים ומשיכות גארד תחרויות קאטה Links: Kodokan Goshin jitsu no kata Ju No Kata Nage No Kata

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