A Wedding, Pasta, and Cotton Balls (The Godfather) | Swine Before Pearls #5


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The lads discuss The Godfather Part 1, talk about what their own mob family might be like, and discuss Multi Level Marketing schemes.

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Edited By: Stephen Kennicutt

----- Time Stamps -----

00:00:00 Intro

00:03:30 Godfather initial impressions

00:05:44 Joel's second watch was at 2x speed

00:07:37 Trent gets confused

00:10:17 Joel gets confused

00:11:23 The Godfather is not a popcorn movie

00:13:12 Click bait reaction

00:13:54 Trent and Joel's mob family

00:17:12 Trent's standout moment

00:22:14 Joel's standout moment

00:24:42 Milo and Otis Tangent

00:27:04 Message of the Movie

00:37:20 Joel's Michael Corleone impression

00:39:28 The lads don't know about Al Pacino

00:45:06 The lads don't know about Marlon Brando

00:46:52 Joel's Don Corleone impression

00:48:27 MLM Tangent

00:51:47 All about the wedding

00:52:54 Subtitles, piracy, more crime family talk

00:55:16 Takeaways and outro

## Want to have these experiences for yourself? Watch The Godfather Part 1 here: https://amzn.to/3GM3srz

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