Terminus 33 - Contrastic, Hate Forest, Montuln, Burkhartsvinter


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It's our final regular episode of the year, just one week until our long-awaited Terminus Year-End Show, and the revelation of the equally long-awaited Terminus Year-End Lists....

Today we've got two massive surprise releases for you, each a likely year-end pick for the guy bringing it to the table. The Death Metal Guy jump-starts the show with the agile and mind-bending melodigrind of Contrastic. They're cornerstones of the highly regarded Czech grindcore scene, but they haven't released a full-length record since 2000! So if you've never heard of them, or the Czech grind scene, don't worry - TDMG will fill you in.

The Black Metal Guy follows through with - you guessed it - the new Hate Forest record that's plummeting down from the aether on December 25. Since this review is out prior to the date, all we can sample for you is the public promo track, which we play in full. Without our usual ritual of sample-and-discuss, we're left wandering the vast Steppe of Opinions, as TBMG tries to convince TDMG that this *is* a significant development in the Hate Forest sound.

We close out with two fun, highly eccentric releases from opposite sides of the world. The Death Metal Guy introduces Montuln, a modern extreme metal band from the little-known Chilean scene. Montuln starts from the Swedish melodic BM/DM riffing style that's so popular today, but anchor it in a manly hard rock sensibility. Finally, The Black Metal Guy introduces Burkhartsvinter, noble - and evil - practitioners of ATGBM (Autistically True German Black Metal). If you like sword riffs, stomp riffs, maniacal energy, and a creative sense of musical time, this is the band for you.

Merry Christmas and Good Yule from the both of us!*

00:00 - Introductory bullshitting

05:12 - Terminus News: new Totenwache EP, Ruho livestream by Behest label/distro/zine, and Luctus livestream on Black Metal Promotion.

16:32 - Rundown of bands and labels

20:06 - Contrastic - Mamun (Independent)

01:07:52 - Hate Forest - Hour of The Centaur (Osmose Productions)

01:50:12 - Interlude - Totenwache - "Aufklärung," fr. Kriegswesen (Independent, 2020)

01:58:05 - Montuln - Arquetipo (Australis Records)

02:40:08 - Burkhartsvinter - Mordbrand (CD on Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur / tape on Worship Tapes)

03:18:10 - Outro - Kerberos - "Impalement of The Messiah," fr. the Plaguestorm compilation (Mass Grave Records, 2002). This is out-of-print as fuck, so here's a Youtube link.

*If you're a Satanist, have a darkly glorious Inverse Nativity Day!

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