EP 62: Creating a Money 馃捀 Mindset With Kanani Briggs


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Let's Make It RAIN boo!
Did anyone else just mentally picture scrooge mcduck sending out money bags everywhere? I bet I just dated myself.
But let's be honest here. We're not in business to NOT make money so there's no point in pretending otherwise. I bet not one of you can argue that while you'd love to be a millionaire, you really just have a desire to make a certain level of income to create a financial cushion for your family.
How women look at money is interesting to me. We tend to give it away faster than our male counterparts (in terms of lowering our commissions), and since a Realtor IS commission based there's often no set 'way' of knowing if you are actually in a healthy relationship with your bank account.
That's why I've brought in Kanani Briggs for this convo. Because this girlfriend is a certified money mindset coach, one of the facilitators for the Chic Clique Masterminds that we host here at the Real Boss Women, AND an empowerer of women.

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