EP 180: The Secrets to Achieving Goals with More Ease


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Do you feel disappointed when you look at where you are in your life and career, feeling like you haven’t achieved what you set out to accomplish?

When you’re told how to achieve your goals and find success in life, there’s a common pattern of advice you’ll hear:

“Work hard.”

“Prioritize your future.”

“Success doesn’t come easily.”

But the truth is that much of what we've been told is actually not how the most prolific achievers have found success.

The way we’ve been taught to achieve our goals and find success is wildly flawed.

The formula is inaccurate and full of myths that are never really going to help you get what you want. Understanding the most common mistakes people make, unlearning what you’ve been taught, and trying a different approach is the only way to achieve your goals faster.

Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake reveals the most common mistakes people make on the path to success. If you’re ready to achieve your goals faster and with more ease, then unraveling what you think you know is the first step.

With this knowledge, you might actually even find a better outcome than the one you have envisioned.

In this episode, you’ll learn the most common mistakes you’re probably making, and why the lessons we’ve been taught about achieving our goals are wrong. You’ll hear about the pitfalls of over-planning your future and why black & white thinking could be holding you back.

Achieving your goals doesn't have to feel like a battle of willpower. You just need a different approach.

What You’ll Learn:

  • When what we’ve been taught about success proves to be wrong (1:29)
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to achieve their goals (4:06)
  • How black & white thinking holds us back (7:30)
  • The real key to achieving your goals (11:04)
  • Recognizing the mistakes you’re making (12:10)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. Achieving what you want doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it might actually be fun and easy.
  2. ​​Achieving your goals doesn't have to feel like a battle of willpower or like a thing you have to push uphill.
  3. You can only build from what you know today. And that doesn't allow you to incorporate new information or new data in order to find a more efficient path forward.
  4. Most of us aren't really looking at the factual truth of where we are and what's going on. We are hoping for something and then we start building off of what we hope for instead of building off where we are today.

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