EP 182: Confidently Position Yourself for Success on LinkedIn with Sandra Clark


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Do you have a LinkedIn profile but don’t feel comfortable putting yourself “out there”?

Up to 75% of available jobs are never even posted online, and around 80% are landed through networking.

Social media has enabled us to vastly expand our career opportunities, so shying away from the most effective online resource isn’t doing you, or your future, any favors.

Knowing how to optimize your social media presence and make your LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters has never been more important.

Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake welcomes Sandra Clark, a LinkedIn trainer and career coach specializing in helping busy professionals create powerful LinkedIn profiles and get results.

Combining her communications, social media, and educational background, Sandra has reinvented herself through numerous careers including Director of Communications at UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley. It has led her to a successful individualized coaching business that focuses on helping clients become social media confident and build an effective LinkedIn presence.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to build your confidence and increase your chances of career success by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. You’ll learn the most effective LinkedIn hacks, the best keywords to use, and the most appealing way to create your profile so that potential employers can find you and reach out with ease.

If uncertainty about how to market yourself and your skills on LinkedIn has you feeling hesitant or reluctant, then it’s time to take charge of your online presence.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Finding opportunity in unexpected career changes (5:20)
  • The many reasons for staying active on LinkedIn (10:50)
  • Best practices for setting up your LinkedIn profile (16:06)
  • Utilizing the right keywords to make your profile stand out (23:16)
  • How the job search has changed and why networking through LinkedIn is so useful (29:50)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “A thought peaked out the window of what it would look like to work somewhere else during those 25 years, but I always sort of scurried back into safety. Because I knew I had the benefits for my family. My husband was a small business owner, so I didn't feel that I could take risks. I had always been too fearful to try.” –Sandra
  2. “They pushed me out of this comfortable nest, and who knew, but I learned I could fly.” –Sandra
  3. “We spend the vast majority of our life working, and I see a lot of people with ‘comfortable paychecks,’ but they're really unhappy. They're stuck. And I want them to know that there's so much more out there when you enable yourself to take that step into something new.” –Blake
  4. “We have to realize that somebody has three seconds or six seconds to look at your resume or your profile. And it's like garbage in garbage out. It needs to be impactful and unique” –Sandra
  5. “Taking the step forward is really important. And then as you start to gain confidence in it, what you begin to realize is this gives me more control over my life.” –Blake

Connect with Sandra Clark:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandraaclark/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Linkedinmentoring

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LinkedInMentoring/

Additional Resources:

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