The 5 Pages You Should Explore on a College Website to See If that School is a Good Fit for You. Today, We Explore Cornell University


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#071 - One of the most important things you will do in high school, is to make a list of colleges to which you will apply. Making that list will be a challenging exercise because there are a great many colleges and universities from which to choose. Although they all share some characteristics, they are also very different in many other important ways. It is important that you recognize the elements of a college or university that are important to you. On episodes 10, 11, 13, and 14, we shared with you the questions to ask about every college, so that, at the end, you are left with the ones that meet your needs in terms of location, academics, campus culture, and cost of attendance, among other factors. On this episode, Jankel and I talk about the 5 pages on every college or university website, that you should look at to see if a school appears to meet your needs. Although this is not the only activity you will do to see if a school is a good match for you, exploring these 5 pages will allow you begin your list of schools in an efficient way. These 5 pages will quickly help you realize whether that school has what you need, or not. One of the 5 pages will also help you understand how well you compare to the most recent freshman class admitted to that school. It will allow you to see the average GPA, SAT or ACT scores, class rankings, and financial aid received, for those students admitted to that school directly from high school. During the episode, we share with you the important information we found in those 5 pages within the Cornell University website. We believe that after listening to this episode, you will appreciate the wealth of information found within these pages, and be very well prepared to begin your list of colleges. You can access the show notes for this episode at You can help our show greatly by giving us a 5-star rating and leaving us a positive review on the podcast platform you used to download this episode. Thank you!

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