Ria Jago on the Richness of Whole Wheat & Why Gluten Is Not the Real Problem


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In this episode, Gundi Rhoades and nature researcher Ria Jago discuss the benefits of whole wheat. They go over the many nutrients a single whole grain of whole wheat contains, from selenium to magnesium, vitamin B1, and many more. Ria and Gundi also explain the mechanism through which gluten causes harm in the body and why whole wheat doesn’t have this same effect.

Ria is full of questions and Gundi is full of knowledge! They discuss how Roundup, a herbicide and antibiotic, has a similar effect to the one caused by gluten. Alarmingly, this herbicide is in most of your food, and it has long-term effects that are not common knowledge.

Gundi also goes over other benefits of changing refined wheat with whole wheat and describes some of the processes you can perform to make your favorite recipes. From birthday cakes to pancakes, you don’t have to eliminate these delicious dishes! It’s all about making adjustments and going organic.

Plus, they provide information on how to identify an organic vegetable or fruit and the characteristics required to classify them as such.
Want to learn more? Tune in and take the first step towards changing your health!

Topic timestamps:
(00:00): Welcome Ria Jago to Body & Soil!
(02:51): The history of wheat and how it domesticated humanity.
(06:00): How wheat goes from healthy whole wheat to unhealthy white flour.
(10:22): The negative effects refined wheat has on mood.
(14:19): The different ways to store whole wheat.
(18:09): Mechanisms through which gluten causes inflammation.
(27:23): How the herbicide Roundup damages the body.
(31:57): Roundup is present in most agricultural products.
(35:37): How organic wheat is grown.
(39:39): The vital function of vitamin B.
(41:34): B1 deficiency and its impact on mental health.

Contact Ria Jago
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/riaadvocate
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RiaoftheRiver

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