Getting Started in Land Investing with David VanGinhoven


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On today’s episode of the Forever Cash Podcast, I’m handing over the reins to David Van Ginhoven, a valuable member of our Land Profit Generator team. He’s passionate about helping those with no experience in real estate transform their lives using our powerful business model. And he does a great job of it.

How It All Started

Why does David love helping people with zero land flipping experience? Because he was in their shoes a few short years ago. He was driving a FedEx truck, making decent money, but he soon realized he wanted more from life. His first thought was real estate, until he realized what a saturated market Dallas was (65,000 registered realtors).

He didn’t give up though. He started researching the easiest, fastest, cheapest, safest way to make money in real estate. Of course he came up with LAND. Land is the primordial essence of real estate, he says. It’s literally the building blocks, the foundation. Thankfully, the foundation is the end product for us. It’s not complicated.

When he started, he had a lot of insecurities and fears. He was scared to talk to sellers. He felt like they would see him as an impostor because of his lack of experience. He says he knew immediately that, if he was going to commit to land flipping, he needed the right instructions and guidance and support. He didn’t want to rely on luck.

He discovered the Land Profit Generator Program and community, and it was exactly what he needed. And now he gets to work with us, being part of the solution for people who want to get out of the rat race.

That First Deal

David’s very first deal was a piece of land in Nevada that he bought for $2000. He calls it a desert square of nothing. Doing that deal gave him an exponential amount of energy and confidence. It validated that he could do this. “This is the system and the process, and it works,” he says, “and it’s even easier than I thought. It changed my life forever.”

The Land Profit Generator process is simple.

  1. Doing some research
  2. Doing marketing
  3. Onboarding your leads
  4. Getting deals accepted
  5. Posting your deals
  6. Selling your deals
  7. Rinse and repeat

David believes that your commitment to that process determines your success. When he first got started, he says, “I watched as many YouTube videos and podcasts of Jack’s as I could.” Then he jumped right in, and when he made mistakes (like a mailer that completely flopped because the data for the county wasn’t up-to-date), he got back up and kept going.

Land Is Here to Stay

David quickly learned that land investing is here to stay. It’s not a gimmick or a trend. It’s a consistent model that will change your life forever.

People need land. The beautiful thing for us is that not everyone is using it. If someone owns a car, a truck, a boat, a house, and some land, and they need some money, they’re going to sell the land. If they’re not using the land, then selling it won’t change their lifestyle. People don’t want to change their lifestyle.

No two land flippers are exactly the same. David doesn’t like the steep competition that goes along with bigger deals (some people do). He likes low-priced deals and a lot of volume. Typically, he goes for $5k deals and sells them for $17k or $10k deals he sells for $30k. And he’s been very successful at it.

He also loves the passive income of land flipping. He’ll buy a piece of land for $1000 and sell it for $5000. He takes $1000 on deposit, and gets $200/month for the rest. That $200/month is pure cash flow. No more worrying about bills.

Join the LPG Facebook Community

David tells everyone he meets about the Land Profit Generator community on Facebook. “There are 16,000 people in there meeting each other and getting their questions answered,” he says. “It’s amazing. There is so much support waiting for you here. Just plug in. I love meeting people. I’m so curious about you and your story and how you got here and what your dreams are.”

He wants to answer your questions, calm your fears, and help you transform your life.

Thank you, David, for taking the time to share with us today.

What’s Inside:

  • Some early failures David learned from
  • The huge financial impact land flipping has had on his life
  • What he wishes he would have known when he was just getting started

Mentioned in this episode:

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