17 — Glen Lerner — The Heavenly Hitter’s Guide to Building a National Practice


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"So just because business has gone down, you're going to cry? You figure out how to reinvent yourself. Life's about adapting." - Glen Lerner

  • How did Glen Lerner go from fresh-faced new graduate to running one of the largest plaintiff firms in America?
  • Why ISN'T the client always right?
  • What does Glen really think about the controversy surrounding him?

How Glen Lerner Discovered He Was Unemployable

Pretty early on in his career, Glen discovered that he just couldn't work for anyone else. Straight out law school, he moved to Vegas and started hustling, and his practice grew exponentially from there. We discuss what it takes to establish, run, and grow a successful law firm, and how a defined partnership can shape your future.

Corporations, Challenges, And Clearing Your Name

Running a law firm isn't for the faint of heart, and Glen Lerner is no stranger to adversity. So how has he always come out on top?

We talk about the triumphs and challenges of Glen's career, including 9-figure verdicts, going up against an international corporation, sounding-off against critics who don't agree with his growth approach, and the adversity-proof attitude he cultivated along the way.

Do It Big: How To Make Sure Everyone Knows Your Firm

Glen Lerner has the most known face in all of Nevada, and it's no accident. Throughout his career, his advertising strategy has been honed, calculated, and measured for maximum effect. Glen explains his knack for jingles and why he's more than willing to put his personality out in the public domain. Plus, he shares why he believes anything worth doing is worth doing BIG.

Key takeaways:

  • Run your firm like a business. It's clear from Glen's trajectory that the application of business management techniques were paramount to Lerner and Rowe's success. He explains that with growth comes the responsibility to provide for your teams, and the need to sharpen your entrepreneurial clout.
  • Brand is a multi-faceted approach. Glen knows what makes people tick, so he's an advertising natural. However, he shares the belief that brand needs to be all-encompassing - it's not only what you do for your clients, it's what you do for the community around you.
  • Find your perfect partner. Lerner and Rowe are another example of the visionary/integrator combination. Glen explains the dynamic of their working relationship, and how he learned to let go of certain aspects of running the firm.

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