30 — Morris Bart — One Call, That’s All: A Long-Term Commitment to Legal Advertising


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"After 40 years of advertising, the ads that lawyers are making still suck." - Morris Bart

  • Is legal advertising about best practices, or does Morris Bart have a sixth sense?
  • Do you really need to spend millions to get leads from TV ads?
  • How did Morris Bart write the genius “One Call, That's All” slogan?
  • What one aspect of his firm will Morris Bart never let go of?

Morris Bart: Legal Marketing Pioneer

Morris Bart was the first attorney to advertise in the state of Louisiana, and one of the first to do so in the entire country. The second that the Bates decision was passed, he was on the train and he's never looked back!

Now a New Orleans local celebrity, Morris pioneered the use of TV ads and billboards, and he rode the wave from a single office in 1980 to 17 locations today. So where did Morris Bart get his sixth sense for advertising? This week, we discuss the commitment, perseverance, and long game that helped Morris Bart rise to the top and dominate his market.

The Power of the Slogan (and Why You Can't Just Steal Someone Else's)

Just about everyone in the country has heard attorneys use the "One Call, That's All" slogan, but did you know Morris Bart created it? Morris shares the power and simplicity of crafting the perfect slogan — and how to make it stick.

Plus, we discuss how true differentiation can only be achieved by identity-centric branding, and why, according to Morris Bart, the majority of lawyers' ads still suck.

The Digital Territory: Why Morris Bart Still Gets His Hands Dirty

Even after years of success, Morris Bart keeps rising to new heights, so why doesn't he ride off into the sunset? The answer is simple: he loves to create.

Morris views digital marketing as a vast uncontrollable territory full of intellectual and creative challenges. We discuss the new advertising landscape, which social media platforms he prefers, and why he's hedging his bets on mastering Google.

Key takeaways:

  • You've got to spend money to make money, at least when it comes to TV ads. Morris Bart believes it is impossible to achieve a high level of success unless you are a top spender in your market.
  • Managing people is one of the biggest challenges. Morris learned the hard way that to avoid disappointment in hiring, you need to develop a thick skin and become an expert in HR and spotting potential.
  • Everyone can jump on the Morris Bart wagon, as long as he's still driving. The best leaders learn to encourage collaboration and relinquish some of their control (but still keep their finger on the kill switch).

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