31 — Grant Cardone — The 10X Mindset: Go Big or Go Bigger


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"The reason it was so important for me to pull that off is because that weekend you could hate my guts and you still had to take your hat off to me." - Grant Cardone

  • How did Grant Cardone get Steve Harvey and Snoop Dogg in one place on Super Bowl weekend?
  • Why is cash flow — and not cash — king?
  • How can you 10X your life to experience stratospheric levels of growth?
  • What does going big mean when you're already a giant?

The 10X Lifestyle: Why Your Biggest Financial Mistake is Not Thinking Big Enough

International speaker, entrepreneur, and author Grant Cardone wants you to think in billions, not millions. Grant owns and operates seven privately held companies and has a $1.5B portfolio of properties. He pioneered the 10X rule to multiply everything in his life and start a worldwide movement. So what is 10X, and where did this supersize mentality come from?

In this episode, Grant explains why success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility — and why money doesn't make money, but courage does.

Courage Makes Money: Going Big at the Miami Marlins Park

Nothing demonstrates the 10X mentality more than Grant Cardone's bombastic Miami Marlins conference. For three days over the 2019 Super Bowl weekend, Grant and a pack of celebrity guests hosted 35,000 aspiring entrepreneurs for his 10X tour, with millions watching online. So what's the benefit of going BIG?

Grant explains how his foresight turned the event into a profit machine, why the courage to do things differently can help you win big, and just how good it feels to see your haters eating humble pie.

Learn From the Best, But Drill Down Into Your Abilities

Grant Cardone proves that inner resourcefulness can take you a long way. However, his trajectory was also shaped by the mentors he sought out along the way — and nothing he learned was by chance.

He explains why recognizing your strengths and doubling down on them while learning from the best transformed his career. Plus, he shares his insights about when to go solo and when to supercharge your business with a crack team of A-players.

Key takeaways:

  • The worst thing you can do is stay in your lane. Life is a super highway, and you're not going to get to where you want to go by staying in one lane.
  • Always look ahead. It’s hard to get the fire started, but even harder to keep it going and burning bigger and brighter. Don't be satisfied with yesterday's victory, and don't get hung up on yesterday's losses.
  • Don't try to please others. If you start out by pleasing yourself, the rest will follow suit.

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