32 — Seth Godin — Putting Your Best Work Out Into the World


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"Go ahead and get as many Fs as you want, but you better have some As. Because nobody needs well-rounded. We need exceptional." - Seth Godin

  • What is the “infinite game,” and why has Seth Godin spent his life playing it?
  • Why does repeated failure set us up for success?
  • What is the toxic scarcity mindset, and how can society escape it?
  • How can a non-competitive mindset help your business?

Seth Godin: Legendary Author & Marketing Oracle

Seth Godin is one of the best-known marketing minds of our time. Author of 19 international best-sellers that have been translated into over 35 languages, Seth has changed the way people think about marketing.

From his home on the web, Seth Godin has become a uniquely recognizable voice. His daily blogs cover everything from marketing and business to his own brand of compelling philosophy.

In the episode, we talked to Seth about what compelled him to write his most recent book “The Practice” and what it really means to put your best work out into the world.

How to Be Extraordinary: Why Skill is More Important Than Talent

According to Seth Godin, there are almost no talents that are important in the modern economy. Yes, really. He says that while talent is something you're born with (like being able to slam dunk a basketball), skill is something that can be learned. So what does it take to hone your skills and use them creatively as a professional?

Seth explains why passion isn't enough, why training should be quality over quantity, and how you can be extraordinary in a world of average lawyers practicing average law.

Why Imposter Syndrome Means You're on the Right Path

Even the world's brightest minds suffer from imposter syndrome. Seth Godin wants to let you in on a secret: imposter syndrome is a gift. He explains why self-doubt can be a compass that tells you you're onto something that hasn't been done before. If your self-awareness barometer goes haywire, dig in deeper, work even harder, and rock the boat.

So what if you're NOT feeling imposter syndrome? According to Seth, you're not working hard enough or you're a probable sociopath!

Key takeaways:

  • Scarcity subtracts, but abundance multiplies. Seth's thoughts on the mechanisms of the scarcity model in business offer a fresh new perspective.
  • Seek constraints to make progress. Great ideas are formed by doing something that's outside of your comfort zone.
  • Good decisions can have bad outcomes, but a decision is only ever truly good when considered separately.

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