42 — Tucker Max — The Price of Fame


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"The outlets hated my guts. Hated me. It’s because I was unapologetically masculine. I rejected all kinds of all the stuff that became progressive woke-ism." - Tucker Max

  • Why did Tucker Max step away from the limelight?
  • How can introspection help you move forward?
  • What is it about delegating control of your company to someone else that leads to growth?
  • How did Tucker & his team create Scribe Media to turn experts into authors?

The King of Controversy

Tucker Max took the internet by storm after his blog, *TuckerMax.com,* went stratospheric in the early 2000s. Two best-selling books, one movie, and a media empire later, Tucker's success is showing no signs of slowing down.

But Tucker's days recounting debaucherous adventures online are behind him, and the self-styled "fratire-ist" now focuses on helping others achieve their editorial dreams with the help of his publishing house, Scribe Media.

Metamorphosis: Psychoanalysis and MDMA

Tucker tells us about his journey from sensationalist blogger to entrepreneurial titan and how following a path of self-discovery has led to this transformation.

We discuss Tucker's ongoing process of facing hard truths with the help of cutting-edge treatments not yet widely available or sanctioned.

Expanding an Empire: Letting Go in Order to Grow

Tucker may have launched his publishing powerhouse, but in order to thrive, he's passed the role of CEO to someone else.

Tucker explores how delegating the task of running his business has allowed him to expand his media empire by giving him more time to focus on what he does best — and why you should do the same.

Key takeaways:

  • Success is no substitute for happiness, so it's important to recognize what truly brings us joy and not chase that next comma in the bank account, thinking contentment will follow.
  • Be open to new experiences because you never know which diversion might lead to a positive experience or, as in Tucker's case, a whole career.
  • Be honest with yourself. Learn to recognize unhealthy behaviors to prevent you from sabotaging yourself.

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