44 — Horst Schulze — Excellence Wins: Become the Best in a World of Compromise


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"What is average? Average is the bottom of good and the top of bad. Why would you not make a decision to be truly excellent in your particular business?" - Horst Schulze

  • Why should every business have a clearly defined vision?
  • How can empowering your employees benefit your clients and you?
  • What are the four cornerstones of a great company?
  • How should you orient new staff to promote your values and vision?

The Advocate of Excellence

Horst Schulze learned early on that in order to excel, you must be excellent. From his humble beginnings as a server's assistant, he worked his way up through both the Hilton and Hyatt Hotels before helping to found The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in 1983.

Horst's obsession with excellence has earned him commendations such as Corporate Hotelier of the World and the Ishikawa Medal for personal contributions to the quality movement — and his subsequent venture, Capella Hotel Group, continues to push the bounds of luxury and quality.

Excellence Permeates

To be the best — and to hold that position — you must always be looking for ways to excel. Not only does this benefit you, but it inspires those you lead to do the same.

Horst tells us all about the role self-betterment plays in your company and how striving to be the best can positively influence those around you, resulting in happy customers and a stronger company.

Customer Loyalty Through Company Culture

Customer loyalty doesn't necessarily depend on the quality of the product. It is fostered through continued excellence in the service you provide, which can only be delivered through your employees.

We discuss how instituting a culture of excellence can improve your law firm and result in more loyal clients. We also talk about the dangers of poor service and how a loyal customer can quickly switch from being an evangelist for your company to a terrorist for your reputation.

Key takeaways:

  • Don't just hire qualifications — select values. Bring in staff members that believe in your vision, want to achieve your goals, and will be advocates for your mission.
  • Prioritize customers over the business. It is not enough to think that customers will flock if you have a good company. You must serve their needs first in order to create a successful business.
  • Every complaint is an opportunity for you to promote loyalty. Recognize them as a chance, not to shut out a bad customer, but to bring in a loyal one.

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