48 — Eric Siu — Leveling Up: How to Master the Game of Life


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"You don't deserve to go to the next level until you beat the current one. That's just life. But you don't have to go to the next level if you don't want to." - Eric Siu

  • Why has gaming influenced Eric's life and business practices so heavily?
  • How can real-life "power-ups" help you to get the most out of your day?
  • Why does Eric think poker should be taught at school?
  • How does Eric use negative energy to boost his motivation?

Eric Siu: Gaming Life and Business

Eric Siu is an investor, podcaster, and author with a talent for leveling up businesses. But Eric's business know-how doesn't just come from book study. In fact, Eric credits most of his business acumen to his other passion: gaming.

By relating his world to aspects of his favorite games (power-ups, character classes, etc.) Eric discovered the key elements to succeeding in his work and professional life. Now, a few businesses, a book, and a podcast later, Eric shares all he has learned over the years to help others game the system.

Reframing Negativity to Feed the Fire

One game Eric has taken many life lessons from is poker. The key trait it has taught him is resilience. Playing through college, Eric experienced month-long spells of good luck, but also desperate losing streaks that threatened his college funds, teaching him the importance of perseverance.

Eric discusses how these highs and lows forged his ability to press on. He talks about his method of using negative energy to fuel his determination and how the amount of struggle you're able to endure is commensurate with you and your business's ability to grow.

Playing the Long Game

When you're building a business, you need long-term goals that you can work towards. Being short-sighted and only focusing on the immediate future might solve a few small problems, but you'll be neglecting the longer-term factors that could have a much more substantial positive impact on your clients.

Eric tells us why you need to focus on your big-picture strategies rather than your quick-fix tactics to offer real value. He also explains why chasing after the small wins will only move you further away from your goals and why your time is better spent focusing on perfecting what you do best, rather than jumping into scaling up.

Key takeaways:

  • You don't need to stay in single-player mode. You'll achieve more and have a bigger impact if you work with a team.
  • Hold on to your apprentice mentality. Don't get stuck in your ideas or ways of doing things, and be open to change and new methods.
  • Don't worry about being original. Instead, reinvent and innovate. Eventually, you'll come up with an iteration that is original.

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