Josh Ismin: Journey from New York to Sydney, creating a new last name, unpacking angel investing, why he's building Psylo: psychedelic-inspired medicine to treat mental illness


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Welcome to episode #60 with Josh Ismin! Here are 5 key takeaways that I think you will learn from this episode today:

1. Reflections on growing up in New York and now living in sydney, how the cultures compare and what the US was like in the early 2000’s

2. How Josh figured out what to do in his early career, specifically I asked him reflections about his first 3 years

3. His most painful learning when he started own company in online video: meteoric rise and then industry changed, pivoted from sales led to a tech company, business partner had mental health issues and more

4. How and why Josh and his wife decided to create a new last name when they married?

5. How Josh became an angel investor and recently started Psylo, a biotech company exploring future medication based on the blueprint traditional first gen psychedelic molecules

6. And a bonus, hear Josh educate us about the types of psychedelics and why we as a society may have the wrong thinking on this topic




03:15 - Quick facts

05:30 - High flyer

06:40 - Sunrise, growing up in New York

09:10 - Learnings from New York

10:45 - Biggest influences

12:25 - Big tennis fan

15:10 - Success meant computer programmer and founder

17:30 - benefits of being in the US in the 2000’s

20:50 - early career learnings in fast growth and new countries

26:15 - Very painful learning

30:10 - Importance of failure, honesty and reflection

32:50 - Creating a last name with his wife

38:00 - Becoming an angel investor

44:08 - common advice he disagrees with

46:15 - Aha moment to start Psylo

49:35 - False connotations about psychedelics

52:00 - product psylo is building and application

55:00 - final sprint


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