Chloe Temple - Overcoming challenges at uni in the UK to helping spark change to be our true selves, Building POPP coaching business


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Take flight into Chloe's journey - growing up in the UK in a small tight knit family, looking up to her parents with dad being a business owner and mum as marketing director for a large corporate. Chloe talks candidly about dealing with realisation that University was challenging and how ego and arrogance made Chloe choose economics.

Through preserving and hard work, things started to look up with Chloe starting her professional career in marketing at Sainsbury’s, one of the large retailers in the UK which after 5 years allowed Chloe to move to Australia to work for Coles, another large retailer in the country.

I ask Chloe about 3 important topics and we go deep into each. These being (1) mental health and Chloe’s own struggles with depression, (2) How Chloe created a new role for herself at Reckitt and built a team and (3) perhaps the biggest moment of them all, making the decision to leave a steady job she was good at to try her hand at creating the coaching business called POPP and how she made the transition.

An action oriented conversation which summarises Chloe well and a lot of insights for you the listener to apply to your life.



05:25 - how would teachers describe Chloe in school

07:35 - Influences behind be a go getter person

09:40 - Hero’s for Chloe growing up

10:30 - planning future life at age of 16, and what’s next

12:10 - Dealing with realisation that Uni was challenging and how ego and arrogance made Chloe choose economics

14:15 - Marketing industry placement at Sainsbury’s (one of the big retailers in the UK) whilst Chloe’s classmates went into more traditional fields of finance, government etc

18:35 - big magic moment in Chloe’s life (finding her why)

22:40 - experiencing depression for nearly a decade

24:35 - speaking up about mental health (at work)

28:10 - sharing mental health status with line manager at work (what I experience, how I manage it, what support you can provide)

30:45 - moving to Australia from the UK

34:00 - How to approach a new challenge in life (or role at work)

40:11 - Chloe’s experience creating a new role at Reckitt (global company with brands like Dettol, Strepsils etc) and how to build a team to deliver the vision

44:10 - Decision to leave corporate and start her own business and how it came alive

52:00 - how to go full time on your own business with no fixed income anymore

53:40 - financial plan when starting a business

55:30 - Chloe’s role at POPP

58:34 - How Chloe looks at separating her coaching venture from others and provide an incremental benefit



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This episode & show is to inspire all us to be high flyers in any aspect of life & flip the notion of a high flyer, learning from value creators to help us all be 1% better everyday, together.

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