Ep 174) The Let's War on Women & Democracy Continues


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The left is telling women they suck at everything, that men are superior at everything including superior at being women. We seek men claiming to be women entering women's sports and grabbing up all the championships and metals. As a result, women are being robbed of their accomplishments taking a back seat to men, and being robbed of their scholarship opportunities.

All programs designed to help lift up women are now being co-opted by men unable to compete against other men, that's true in sports, scholarships, and in business now. With that, countries are now entering men into women's sports competitions for the Olympics. Men who have previously competed against other men are now going to compete against women in areas of weight lifting. This move designed to cheat by countries looking to get more metals in unfair competition has caused the Olympics to lose any credibility it may have had.

Later in the show, I talk about the Democrat's attempts to overthrow democracy by ending free & fair elections once and for all. The Democrats running scared, the level of corruption and fraud it took to get a slight majority in the past couple of elections is showing a trend that their continued dependence on election fraud is having diminishing results and the voters are rejecting the Democrats rapidly increasing numbers. With redistricting as a result of the 2020 census, the total dumpster fire with crisis after crisis as a result of Biden's policies, the backlash against the racism and Marxism being taught in public schools, and the out of control increase in the cost of everything as we are on the verge of hyperinflation all indicating that come 2022, the GOP could gain supermajorities in both chambers as well as of the States.

This is why the Democrats are desperate to pass their federal takeover of elections. If the GOP gains supermajorities we can undo the damage caused by Biden's White House, pass legislation without Biden being able to block it, and if we get supermajorities of the States as well, we can pass some much needed Constitutional Amendments to set the left's agenda back 100 years.

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