#094 - Marty Kendall: Big Fat Keto Lies, Energy Toxicity & Insulin Toxicity, Diabetes, Burning Fat In the Krebs Cycle, The Obesity Epidemic, Data Driven Fasting, Nutrient Density & Satiety, And More!


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8:00 - Marty's Personal Story

9:55 - Misconceptions Around Controlling Diabetes

11:55 - Insulin's Role In Each Type of Diabetes

13:45 - Understanding The Lack Of Insulin: T1D Vs. T2D

14:30 - Diabulimia

15:44 - Basal Insulin

16:25 - Insulin In Fat Storage And Release

17:15 - Insulin Is Anti-Catabolic

18:30 - Non-Insulin Mediated Glucose Uptake

19:00 - The Role Of Insulin In Fat Storage

19:40 - Oxidative Priority

20:55 - Does Fat Illicit A Fat Response?

22:05 - Can You Take In Too Much Fat?

23:50 - More Fat Over The Long Term Leads To More Insulin

24:50 - Burning The Energy In Your Body

26:55 - Consuming Bulletproof Coffee And MCT Oil, Etc

28:40 - Experiments With C8 MCT

31:05 - Factors That Effect Fatty Acid Esterification

32:00 - The Idea Of Burning Fat Exclusively In The Absence Of Carbs

34:00 - Burning Fat In The Krebs Cycle

33:30 - Energy Toxicity And Ketone Levels

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39:00 - Is Burning Ketones "Cleaner"?

39:40 - The Different Types Of Ketones

45:50 - Low Glucose And High Breath Ketones

47:00 - Nutritional Ketosis

51:20 - The Real Goal Of Low Carb Diets

52:25 - Charts Of Energy Distribution

54:20 - Long Term Fasting

55:10 - What Has Caused The Obesity Epidemic?

57:00 - Lack Of Nutrient Density In Our Food System

59:00 - The Bliss Point Of Fake Foods

1:00:45 - Satiety

1:02:00 - MUFA, PUFA, And Saturated Fat Satiety

1:03:40 - Omega 3 Satiety

1:06:45 - Micronutrient And Macronutrient Satiety Index

1:08:25 - The Triage Theory

1:09:15 - Is It Possible To Get All Nutrients From The Diet?

1:25:35 - Taking Concentrated Supplements

1:13:05 - Are Animal Products Less Depleted Of Nutrients?

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1:16:10 - Regenerative Agriculture

1:17:20 - Vegan Vs. Carnivore

1:18:50 - Carnivore As An Elimination Diet

1:21:35 - High Blood Sugar In Keto And Carnivore

1:22:35 - Gluconeogenesis Driving Insulin Resistance

1:26:40 - Elevated Glucose Due To Gluconeogenesis

1:27:45 - Chicken Or The Egg? Is Insulin Resistance Or Obesity First?

1:28:15 - Insulin Resistance In Thin People Vs Obese People

1:30:10 - Insulin Response From Food

1:31:45 - Seasonal Eating

1:34:45 - Checking Glucose Before Eating

1:37:40 - Blood Sugar SetPoint

1:38:40 - Eating With High Blood Glucose; A Hack

1:39:40 - Using Berberine

1:39:55 - Alcohol

1:41:50 - Biggest Lesson

1:43:20 - Data-Driven Fasting

1:45:20 - Macros, Calories, And Nutrients

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