Dr Jenna Macciochi author of Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity


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My guest for this episode is Dr Jenna Macciochi an expert immunologist who has spent over 20 years as a scientist researching the impact that lifestyle has on the immune system in health and disease.

Her latest book “Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity”, is a guide to cultivating strong immune health from a voice of reason in a rising tide of pseudoscience and promises of quick fixes.

The book encourages us to audit our lifestyle and identify key areas that might not be serving our health well, and as Dr Jenna said when we spoke, ‘I wrote the book that I needed to read.”

Join us as we discuss:-

  • The myth behind the term “Immune Boosting.”
  • Why we need to ‘balance’ rather than ‘boost’ our immune system.
  • How well were you before you got sick? How you go into an illness reflects how you will cope with it.
  • The cyclical nature of our immune systems.
  • Why our ‘immune age’ doesn’t necessarily match our chronological age
  • Immunity, the sex hormones and our Menstrual cycle.
  • How our blood sugar response is so individual
  • The power of protein and fibre, the unsung hero of longterm health
  • Why we shouldn’t necessarily avoid the foods that make us bloated but work to increase our tolerance of them.
  • Immunity and Menopause the impact of declining oestrogen
  • Man Flu - the science to support it!
  • The long game - how do you want to feel in your 70s and 80s
  • The importance of good liver function and how we support the process
  • The myths surrounding benefits of detoxes and sweating
  • Air pollution in our homes, household toxins and the stress of living in with clutter.
  • The importance of spending time in nature and why we should limit the use of artificial fragrances.

Dr Jenna’s book choice - Oliver Burkeman Four Thousand Weeks
You can find out more about Dr Jenna and her work here

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