Should teenagers get a vote, or should we limit voting even further?


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Today's Episode:

Should teenagers get a vote, or should we limit voting even further?

Famously in the UK, many reported that, had 16 year olds been included, Brexit would not have passed. Further, had retirees been excluded, it wouldn't have even been close. It raises several interesting questions...why do we allow people who will largely be uninvolved in the future knock-on effects to vote? Where does the legitimacy of getting a vote come from? Also, why do we limit anyone voting by age? Isn't the implication some lack of a certain capacity? If we agree on that point as a good thing, then why don't we introduce MORE tests to indentify people who aren't clued up enough to vote and do that?

We discuss these questions and how our feelings on this may relate to other forms of government (direct vs representative democracies, democracies vs aristocracies, epistocracies and technocracies). All of this follows on neatly from our previous chats on voting, tying it all together with a little intro on Walter Lippman.

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